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Making the application easier to use is what differentiates us from our competition. We are back to our normal cadence of releasing weekly. This release is from 4/1/2018–4/7/2018. The features that was added was adding links from the dashboard to their proper pages, When logging in or registering we do not show the properties side menu anymore, the user is able to see the total number of maintenance items that they have on their home, and a big redesign of how we add maintenance items. Below is a list of the items that were released this iteration:

  • PBI 491: Maintenance — Add Maintenance — Redo how we add a maintenance item.
  • PBI 492: Maintenance —Edit Maintenance — Redo how we edit a maintenance item.
  • PBI 493: Maintenance — Delete Maintenance — Redo how we delete a maintenance item.
  • PBI 485: Tech Debt — Added IDisposable to all calls in the APIs
  • PBI 490: Dashboard — Property Total — Link the property total to redirect to the All Properties Page.
  • PBI 479: Dashboard — Room Total — Link the room total to redirect to the All Rooms Page.
  • PBI 482: Dashboard — Item Total — Link the item total to redirect to the All Items Page.
  • PBI 480: Dashboard — Maintenance Total — Link the maintenance total to redirect to the All Maintenance Page.
  • PBI 478: Dashboard — Get and show the total number of maintenance items.
  • PBI 481: Dashboard — Get and show the total number of items.
  • PBI 484: Login and Registration — Hide the menu and the top nav bar when not authenticated.

We are helping to make the application better. We hope that you can join us in making the application better and more usable.

Future Features

Here are some of the features that are currently being developed and will be released soon:

  1. In Progress — Maintenance Tracking — A better way to enter a maintenance item for a property. Instead of having to enter the same maintenance item every single time, all you have to do is enter the maintenance item once and then add the task date that the maintenance item was done.
  2. In Progress — Project Tracking — Tracking any new big projects that are needed to be done around the home. These are big projects such as painting a room, renovating a kitchen, putting in a staircase.
  3. Later Date — Maintenance Recommendations — List of common maintenance that needs to be done around the home.
  4. Later Date — Home Value — This is dealing with showing the value of your home from Redfin, Trulia, and others.
  5. Later Date — Pictures — Able to add pictures in several places.
  6. Later Date — Calendar — A calendar that shows all of the current and past maintenance that has and will be done for the home.
  7. Later Date — Mobile Application — An Application for iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone, Microsoft Store
  8. Later Date — Google Home Integration — This will integrate with Google Home so that any maintenance will be announced to the user so that they know to complete the maintenance at that time
  9. Later Date — Amazon Alexa Integration — This will integrate with Amazon Alexa so that any maintenance will be announced to the user so that they know to complete the maintenance at that time

Final Thoughts

HomeZone is something that everyone needs to help them understand their home. What maintenance needs to be done and when. What your home has and how big the rooms are in your home. I invite you to try out HomeZone and see if it is also what you need. HomeZone is free, so try it out and see if you like it. Sign up here at


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