DIY : Homework – Zahraa Alquraini – Medium

Solving homework problems isn’t too bad if you manage to gather all the information you need to answer the question. My fluids professor requires us to follow such a format to solve the homework problems. The format involves a sketch with all the givings on it, assumptions, highlighting the derived equations and answers. This method helps a lot to orginized your thoughts.

Also, I did the same method for my physics 2 class. I didn’t like it in physics much, because the grading based on this method took off alot of my grade. The actual method was very useful and I used it alot for all my classes after that.

Practicing this method for a set of homework is very useful. The problems tend to be connected since they are all based on one material. This method will help you understand the concept of the each problem, so when you face the same concept on a different problem it will become easier for you to solve it based on your old knowledge. Thus, you’ll reduce the amount of time you spend on the homework set.


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