DIY : Home Decoration — Playing with Vases for Centerpieces

Let’s take out some time and talk about other details today. Once you are done with the setting of furniture, your artwork is ready to be on the wall, and the walls are beautifully painted. Now, everything seems to be completed, but unfortunately, there are a few of the details that must be taken care of whilst decorating the home, starting with decorative floor vase or any particular Indian handicrafts. The options are endless!

Vases and jars are widely used as decorations for commercial establishments and home. They are made in love from different materials like recycled paper, glass, or clay. It comes in varying colors and designs making it easy for you to choose the right style and type for the interior of your home whether it is public or private space. The matter of fact states, they look extremely gorgeous in your garden, corner of the room, or in your pool deck. It is indeed such a happy feeling how these home decorative vases could enhance the overall look of your home.

Apart from vases, there is another element that can fill in your space with the positivity and smile — Flowers! The happiness gets doubled when we tend to boot the home with the decoration of flower vase. Amazing, Right?

Let’s brighten up the home with some of the ideas, read on:

Choosing Colors: Your space would have a motif when it will be cherished with colors. Now, all you need to do is choose the color of your vases and jars. However, you can also stick with those that have plain solid colors, or which is transparent. But if you want to make it count with your vases and jars, prefer picking those that have peculiar designs and prints on them. There are numerous hand printed ones that are truly beautiful and unique.

Determining the Size: You can either go for teeny tiny vases to oversized jars. But make sure you pick the right size accordingly. Try to think scale — If you place a tiny jar or vase on the floor, it will appear dwarf. But, if you mix and match the size, it will do the job perfectly. Honestly, if you place the small piece at the corner and larger ones on the floor — Makes sense.

Style of a Vase: Diverse styles can be found from curvy sexy jars to sleek ones. There are many other styles that have artistic designs taking the form of people, animals, and many others. These are counted as favorite pieces for Eclectic interior or Art Decor. These can be good to go for the lawn too. If you are not a fan of artistic, then it could also fit in a classic one or a modern one.

Using as Centerpiece: The common usage of these pieces act as the centerpiece. Occasionally, you would see them as a home decor element or bearing flowers in the living room center table or the dining table. Else, you can also place big jars at the center of your table with a void. One of the gorgeous set up will be by placing glass flower vase. Pretty indeed!

On Shelves: If you have that thing for vases and jars or you have a vital collection of such, prefer decorating on the shelves. It will definitely look good, especially if they come in different colors and styles. You can opt for to use ceramic flower vase, or monochromatic jars for an eclectic look.

Not to Miss: Finally, using vases and jars as the home decor is something that will upgrade the space more beautiful. But, you should not be levied to maintain the cleanliness of the vases and jars so that their beauty and classiness remain. Sometimes, it gets really fussy to even select a single piece of home decor, but don’t worry; recently the visit on Fanusta was so refreshing in terms of their gorgeous collection, you will find an array of Jaipur handicrafts, home decor items available online, so no fuss around. Also, if you have the tact of some home decor shopping online, then is the right destination. Not to forget, home is the cozy place wherein you need the colorful elements to lighten up the surroundings. Good Luck with the shopping! Hope you find something really amazing.


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