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Do you feel smothered in possessions? Is your home affecting your mood? If you’ve ever lived in cramped, overcrowded quarters, you know how your living space can affect your mood. You may think you can’t do anything about it, that you live a busy, hectic life and that’s just how it’s supposed to be. Or that you don’t want to live in a sterile environment void of color, personality, and life.

You don’t have to live at either extreme. You can have a home filled with color that gives you energy rather than stealing it from you. Keep in mind what you really want and what you love, then get working on creating the perfect space to live your life.

Create Passageways between Furnishings

When you keep running into furniture, such as the corner of your bed, a misplaced chair, or a coffee table, you start your day annoyed and irritable. While on their own, these things may not matter much, they do add up. And suddenly you are irritated and you may not even know why. Although, stubbed toes and bruised knees should give you a clue.

The solution could be as simple as a round coffee table, a soft-sided ottoman, or a console in the entryway to keep things organized. Make traffic areas of at least 24 inches between the furniture groupings. This measurement ensures that people have enough space to move through areas without barking their shins or knees. It also creates a visual image of space and lets the energy flow freely through the home.

Take an Honest Inventory of Your Stuff

I had a friend who moved several times over the course of a few years. After getting ready to move unpacked boxes for the third time, she decided just to ditch them without even looking at what was inside. Why? She figured whatever was inside them she either didn’t really need or had already replaced.

Take a good look at everything you have and the space you have. Paring down can be a cleansing experience in more ways than one. When you have so much stuff that your doors can’t swing open freely, or close without pushing stuff out of the way, then something has to go. The passageways inside your home should be clear and uncluttered, allowing you to go through your daily routine with ease.

It’s difficult if, like me, you are a nostalgic person. I do tend to hold onto things. But when you realize that all the things you profess to love are either packed away because you have no room, or hidden due to clutter, it’s time to reassess. Letting go of things that no longer serve you makes room for those things that do.

Create an Intention for the Space

I know this sounds a little new age-y, but setting a clear intention for your space helps you stay focused. If you want a calm and tranquil space to relax in at the end of the day, put that intention into your bedroom design.

Choose colors conducive to restful sleep such as the barest of creams, pinks, blues, or greens. Keep the space clutter free and organized. Add just the right amount of furniture to keep your personal items and clothing organized and easy to find.

Since the bedroom is the first space you see in the morning and the last one you see at night, keeping it calm and relaxing helps you begin and end your day with a spa-like feel. Every time you walk into your bedroom you feel calm and peaceful, not overcome by piles of laundry and a cluttered dresser.

Remember that it is people and pets that make a home, not things. Keeping this in mind can give you a clear perspective and make it easier for you to create a warm, energetic, and livable space.

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