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Homely, at first glance, the gray entry doors are in fact versatile and very functional. It is an excellent compromise between light and dark shades, which also perfectly blends with bright colors. Let’s find out how to effectively use the gray entrance doors to complement the facade and interior of your home.

How to use gray exterior doors in a house or apartment?

In residential areas, harmony of color is one of the main factors while choosing. In this regard, the gray entrance doors are an excellent modern solution. The palette of gray consists of many different shades. This versatility provides an excellent opportunity to combine various details of a facade or an interior with a leaf.

The easiest way is to choose the door finishing from the outside. For this purpose ask yourself: “What do I want to get?”. Do you want to stand out against the background of neighboring houses? Or to harmonize with them? Make your choice according to the answer. And now consider a few recommendations.

If the decoration of the room or the facade of the building is dark, then choose a dark gray entry door for harmony, or light gray model for contrast. The flooring and the casing in white or light hues also perfectly match with the light gray shade of the door.

Add bright colors to the interior to make the room fresh and original. Select juicy and saturated tones, such as raspberry, fuchsia, turquoise, light green or electric blue. They will perfectly contrast with the gray doors, creating a fresh and positive atmosphere.

It’s better to avoid the combination of gray and black shades. The space with such a combination of colors looks gloomy and even rude. It is better to use the gray front door with subdued tones of blue or purple.

Basic selection criteria for the entrance door

To find a quality product, you need to know the basic criteria for buying. When choosing a gray front door, pay attention to:

  • technical characteristics of the product;
  • the thickness of the metal;
  • reliability of locks and accessories;
  • soundproofing and heat insulation;
  • location and number of hinges;
  • availability of quality certificates.

A reliable front door is a guarantee of the safety of family members and property. And the safety directly depends on the selected materials and lock systems. Want to know how to choose the ideal and durable product? Browse here.

How to choose the gray front door for home based on style

Owing to the universality, the gray exterior doors are used in premises with different styles. It can be minimalism, hi-tech, loft, vintage, Shabby chic, country, French eclecticism and similar stylistic directions. Let’s consider how to use gray doors in living quarters to take full advantages.

In minimalist design, such models are undoubtedly an excellent choice. If the walls are painted in white, the white door will merge with the background and the overall feeling will be boring. Dark models, on the contrary, will create too strong contrast. Therefore, the gray front door perfectly fits into the overall composition. It will neither dominate nor merge with the facade/walls of the room.

Vintage and Shabby chic usually use a lighter palette. In such spaces, doors in gray with the same floor covering and furniture look actual and authentic. You will ask why? Because gray is the color of old weather-stained wood.

Hi-tech especially likes saturated gray. In modern designs, the gray entrance doors are one of the favorite methods for designers. They are universal, so they are easily combined with metal elements or glass inserts.

Do you want something natural and rustic? Choose models in country or rustic style — with scuffs and the effect of aging. Need a French simplicity and sophistication? An excellent solution is the gray entry doors with warm shades of beige.

In classical interiors, the use of such models also becomes more popular. However, for rooms in modern classics style, lighter hues of gray are more suitable.

Frequently asked questions about gray front doors

Designers are asked many questions about the relevance of gray doors and their use in various cases. Let’s look into these issues to learn new and interesting aspects.

• Many buyers are interested — what should the gray entry doors be combined with? Often they are supplemented with casing and a baseboard of gray shade. This condition is not compulsory, but it’s of great importance. If they are made in the same color scheme, then the space looks united. You can also combine gray doors with window frames. An excellent combination is obtained if you combine them with furniture pieces of the same tone.

Is it possible to install gray doors if the interior or facade is in gray tones? Designers believe that this decision is quite acceptable. This technique makes the leaf invisible against the general background. It is especially advantageous for small rooms. The same color of the door and walls help to visually expand the space.

Will the gray door blend with bright decor elements? Definitely yes. After all, there are diverse shades of gray. And due to its versatility, gray models perfectly match with purple, yellow, green, and aquamarine.

Is it possible to use gray color doors in premises with brown or beige flooring? Gray is a neutral shade. Therefore, it is perfectly combined with other hues. The only thing is to select the right tone.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask! We will try to explain all the nuances so that you can choose the most interesting product for your own home!

Manufacturers of gray exterior doors: how to choose?

Now the market presents a huge number of different models from different brands. Why choose the site The Doors Depot? Choosing us, you will receive exclusive products from the brand Novo Porte. The products of this brand are manufactured according to European technologies using the latest innovative developments. So in our assortment you can find interesting and reliable gray entrance doors.


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