DIY : Gas Fireplace Logs — A Good Replacement Of Traditional Wood Fireplace

A traditional log fire can be an attractive centerpiece in a room and can be a good way of providing heat. However the practicalities of the smoke and soot which it creates and also the clean up of ash and debris that is left can be off putting for many people.

If you are looking for the simplicity of modern heating with the look of a traditional log fire then gas fireplace logs are an option to consider.

With a gas fireplace, you don’t have to work hard long hours with a wood splitter just to have you logs chopped so you can them in your fireplace.

No need for this daunting task any more

Many people that have traditional fireplaces in their home use gas as a method of heating. This is cleaner and more efficient than burning wood and makes the fireplace easier to look after. However if you like the idea of a traditional wood burning fire then gas fireplace logs are a product that can create this.

Gas fireplace logs are simply synthetic logs produced from man made, fire resistant materials. They are manufactured with the look of cut logs and can be placed in a traditional fireplace that uses gas as a method of heating.

The advantage of using them is that you can create the look of a traditional log fire, while using modern gas heating. This means that you do no have the clean up associated with a traditional wood fire and the fireplace itself will remain cleaner and easier to manage.

Gas fireplace logs generally come in a couple of varieties which are vent free and vented models. The difference tends to be in the color of the flame with a vented model producing a yellow flame similar to a real wood fire, while a vent free model tends to produce a blue flame more in keeping with a standard gas heater.

However vent free logs are also considered to produce less soot and therefore require less cleaning.

There are a few manufacturers that produce gas fireplace logs. RH Peterson is one of these and they produce both vented and vent free models. Both their vented and vent free fireplace logs come in a range of charred and classic looks and they have a wide variety to choose from in a few different sizes.

They have a dealer locator on their website where you can find a local store that sells their products and typically the cost for their fireplace logs can vary from around $400 to closer to $1,000.

An example of this is the Peterson Golden Oak Designer Vent Free Gas Log Set. This has a deep bark look with hand painted details and is available for around $480.

Other manufacturers that produce gas fireplace logs include Hargrove Hearth Products which has a range of handcrafted vented logs and Eiklor Flames which has a variety of gas log styles available.

If you want to create the look of a wood burning fire in your home then gas fireplace logs are a way to do this. However while looking like the real thing, fireplace logs are cleaner and easier to care for and this can make them a better option for your home.


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