DIY : Garage Floor Coating Installation in Albany, Indiana

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This is the first coat of the garage floor coating install in Albany, Indiana.
Look how good this Albany, Indiana, garage floor coating turned out! This polyaspartic garage floor coating features a partial chip broadcast with anti-slip additive.
Another angle of this completed garage floor coating in Albany, Indiana. A 3 coat polyaspartic garage floor with partial chip broadcast and anti-slip flooring additive.

DIY Epoxy Garage Floor Coating from Home Improvement Store Failed!

This garage is located in Albany, Indiana. Unforunately, we don’t have any before photos to show you just how bad this floor looked. A DIY epoxy garage floor coating kit was purchased from a local home improvement store and the homeowners acid etched the floor and installed the epoxy themselves. Little did they know that you have to thoroughly neutralize the acid and let the concrete dry completely before applying a DIY epoxy garage floor kit. The floor looked great for about a year. About a year later the unneutralized acid started to eat the epoxy coating from underneath. The result was a failed garage floor that started to bubble and peel all over because the acid wasn’t properly neutralized.

The customer said, “the DIY epoxy garage floor coating is really ugly once it starts to peel.”

The only way to fix these kinds of projects is to dive head over heels into industrial equipment to do it yourself correctly this time. The other option is to hire a professional, which should’ve been done from the start. We understand trying to save some money and DIY things, but some things should be left to the professionals. The local Slide-Lok of Indianapolis dealer works throughout the Indianapolis area and suburbs such as Anderson and Albany, Indiana. Slide-Lok dealers use industrial diamond grinding equipment to properly remove any dirt, grime, or oil from the top of the concrete by literally grinding through the concrete. Grinding concrete “opens it up” or reveals a fresh top layer that is porous and ready for a coating to “bite” into it.

The homeowners made the right choice when they called Slide-Lok of Indianapolis to fix their garage floor. The dealer ground off the old nasty epoxy coating. Then they had to neutralize the floor with ammonia and water to wash away any unneutralized acid from when the homeowners acid etched the floor. Unneutralized acid will seep back through the concrete and eat any coating that is on it. After the floor was completely dry the dealer filled all concrete cracks and expansion joints with crack filler per the customer’s request so that water would not pool in the expansion joints. Crack filler is a polyurethane product that gets mixed with sand to act like a mortar, it is very strong and durable. Then, polyaspartic was applied to the garage floor and head step walls with a partial broadcast of tuxedo chips and anti-slip additive. On floors with partial chip broadcast or no chips we recommend an anti-slip additive because the floors can be very slippery without. Floors that receive a full chip broadcast typically have a lot of texture that provide the same affect of anti-slip silica.

This completed garage floor is another one in the books for our Slide-Lok of Indianapolis dealer. All Slide-Lok dealers perform excellent work and this job was no different. In fact, after a while all these garage floors start to blend together because they all look the same. It’s not often customers request a partial chip in favor of a full broadcast. It was nice to see a different garage floor pattern for once.

The customer was beyond ecstatic with the finished product, they exclaimed “this looks way better than epoxy!”

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