DIY : Garage Floor Coating in Brand New Carmel, Indiana, Home

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This brand new home construction in Carmel, Indiana, was just finished. Our local Slide-Lok of Indianapolis gave this garage the full treatment — Full tech silver chip broadcast and polyaspartic coating.

Another angle of this beautifully finished garage floor coating. This brand new house got a brand new polyaspartic garage floor coating. Garage floor coatings installed in just 1 day!

This before photo of this garage floor really shows you how big of a difference a garage floor coating makes in the appearance of your home. This new home featured fresh or green concrete that needed coating.

Green concrete coatings. Another before photo of this brand new home shows off the brand new concrete garage floor. The concrete should be fully cured before attempting to coat it.

Wow, look at those bare concrete stem walls! There’s nothing wrong with bare concrete. We just think it looks much better after it has been coated with polyaspartic!

And another before shot of this Carmel, Indiana, garage floor’s stem walls. We grind all concrete that will be coated, even the stem walls so that our coatings can achieve excellent adhesion.

Brand new 3 car garage floor totalling 614 sq ft!

This retired couple, located in Carmel, Indiana, just moved from Michigan to be closer to their grandkids. They moved into a beautiful, BRAND new construction, home in a new subdivision. Immediately this couple knew they wanted to have their garage floor coated and reached out to our local Indiana Slide-Lok dealer. Lucky for them they were smart and hadn’t started jamming the garage full of boxes and possesions only to have to move them again.

Here’s what our local Indiana dealer, Scott, had to say, “Even though this was a brand new house with a brand new concrete floor, we had a few repairs to make on the concrete floor before we could begin. There were a couple imperfections in this brand new concrete. There was one pretty big chunk of concrete missing in the step / stem wall and another chip along one of the expansion joints. There was also an 8” long crack in the middle of one of the concrete slabs, even though the concrete was only 3–4 months old, which isn’t surprising, we fixed that too. The repair was easy, we made a dam around the cracks and chips using duct tape and poured a Slide-Lok polyurethane crack filler product. After the crack filler sets you grind the excess material to be flush with the concrete and it’s good as new and ready to be coated. There were also a few sections of the step wall with flash on it, common on these new construction jobs. We grind this off using a 4.5″ handheld grinder. Then we disconnected and removed the water softener and started to grind the entire concrete floor. This floor in particular received a full chip broadcast of tech silver with anti-slip on top. The job totalled 614 square feet including the step walls. We came back the next day to re-install the water softener for the customer. As you can see from the photos this is another job in the books and another satisfied customer.”

And there you have it, another satisfied customer! Just looking at the before and after photos for ourselves leaves us speechless, we really love seeing these transformations. Even for a brand new home like this the before and after photos are still amazing. What’s most surprising is that even on new homes that the concrete isn’t perfect. Thankfully our skilled installers know how to repair concrete so that it can be coated and provide a seamless, perfect finish.

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