DIY : Garage Door Replacement In Villanova Gone Wrong!

I woke up to a very angry wife yelling about how the garage door won’t work. Took me a while to realize what she was talking — I’m a heavy sleeper. However, the wife made sure that I was up and aware of the problem that we had in our home in Villanova.

I went down to see the garage door, and sure enough, it wasn’t working. It seemed as if something had broken inside the mechanism because I could hear weird noises when I pressed the button for it to open. I came back and told my wife that I would have to call a garage door company in Villanova to take care of the garage door repair.

Soon enough I googled the search phrase, best garage door near me, and had called the first company that popped up. That, as I would find out later, was mistake number one. The guy came in a bit late, but I had no issues and showed him the garage door that wasn’t working. He asked if he should start work and I gave him the go ahead. That was mistake number two.

The guy told me after about 30 minutes to inspection that I was in need of a garage door replacement in Villanova and that his bill for the service of coming out and inspecting a garage door that he hadn’t fixed was $500. I was furious, but I knew that I had asked him to work without confirming about the pricing. So, what about the garage door replacement? The technician told me that was a labor-intensive work and needs to be scheduled with the company.

I came back to my room after he had left to think about what had happened. It was clear that I had been ripped off because of my stupidity and urgency to get the garage door repaired. I began searching online about how to hire a reliable garage door service and found that the following three tips are really useful. I used them to find another garage door service that told me I needed a replacement garage door opener in Villanova and had the repair part installed within an hour. Check out the list below:

Ask About Pricing

This I knew already from experience; always make sure that you ask the company about its pricing details. Inquire about the cost of hiring and ask them questions to make sure that you understand what is part of their service and what’s considered extra. You should also as for quotes in writing so that the company cannot overcharge you at the end of the day.

Learn About Pros & Cons Of The Company

You can do so by reading customer reviews of the company. They are a great tool to learn about the quality of service that the company is providing to its customers. Not just that, you can also use it to find how the company handles its clients and their complaints.

Checking Their Paperwork

Last but not least, you should always make sure that you are dealing with a qualified and licensed professional. To do so, you can ask the company to provide you with copies of its license, insurance, and other certifications. Once you have those, get them verified by relevant authorities to make sure you are dealing with a legitimate company and not some scam.

What I have garnered from this experience is to do my homework before I attempt hiring any professional.

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The post is not my personal experience but somehow I have the ownership of the content as for now. My friend wrote down his personal experience of working with a garage door service and asked me to share it so here it is.


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