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5 products to help you start making connections

So you’ve heard the hype and joined the smart home revolution. Your lights synchronize, you can patch into your home security from afar, even your oven connects to your phone. It’s all too good to be true. But now you’re ready take the next step toward having an entirely connected smart home.

Enter smart home systems

The brain of the operation, smart home systems connect all your devices allowing you to control them effortlessly from one place. Coordinate, automate, sophisticate. With these easy-to-use systems your devices can work together to create seamless experiences and organize your life.

Whole home connection for every lifestyle

If you are looking for something help ease that daily grind Animus Home could be for you. Now with full LIFX integration, a simple interface, ability to work internet free and data protection is just the beginning. Automate to your heart’s desire by creating your own sequence of events. Set your downlights to turn on when you wake up and never be left feeling around for your switch in the dark ever again.

Whilst Animus Home is currently only available in Europe, there are still plenty of products available worldwide to help you create a completely connected home. Here are some of our partners that are making things smarter, all across the globe. Our hot tip, when finding your perfect system always remember to double check whether it is compatible for your region!

For a hands-free experience, Amazon Echo has you covered. Simply connect your devices and Alexa will be ready to follow your every command. Romantic lighting is just one sentence away, merely tell Alexa to “dim my living room lights” and your wish will be her command.

Living up to its name Samsung SmartThings lets you manage your home from the palm of your hand. Remotely control all of your appliances to save energy, increase security and of course simplify your day. Plus set up notifications so you never miss a thing.

Experience movie night like never before with Logitech Harmony. Set the scene with lighting, lower your blinds and turn on your favorite show in one touch. Use the app to customize your favorite experiences to launch automatically or with a single tap.

Focused on security Xfinity Home gives you piece of mind like no other. Connect your current smart home appliances whilst taking advantage of specialized home security devices, all controlled from a single app.


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