DIY : Foundation Repair Ottawa- The Benefits of Basement Waterproofing

Basements are the most ignored spaces in a home. But as a matter of fact, this area requires maximum maintenance. Why is that? This is because basements are vulnerable to external factors such as moisture and water leakages.

No matter how much you try, basements become susceptible to damage over a period of time. This is where foundation repair in Ottawa comes into the picture. When you hire the right experts for basement waterproofing, you can ensure that your structure has a long and an enhanced life.

To know more on the benefits of foundation waterproofing, read on.

5 Benefits of Basement Waterproofing

· Keep the Strength Intact

Treating your basement only as a storehouse for old furniture and papers may sound convenient. When you ignore basement maintenance, moisture and mold will take over your home. This situation, in turn, can worsen the strength of the structure of your home. Would you want that? Obviously, not!

Therefore, Ottawa foundation repair becomes important as waterproofing would add durability to the basement space which will make it secure in all kinds of weather.

· Avert Basement Flooding

It is rightly said, “prevention is better than a cure”. Prevention would cost you a less than a cure would. If you wait for your basement to flood and then seek a foundation repair, it is you who is at a loss. The extent of efforts it takes to repair a flooded basement cannot be expressed in words. From moisture removal to repairing and replacing belongings; everything requires huge expenditures.

If you waterproof your basement beforehand, there are minimal chances of damage. Also, you can ensure your structures strength and endurance by opting for basement waterproofing in Ottawa.

· Save Big On Energy

It is known that humid indoor conditions can lead to stress on the HVAC system of a home. If this happens, both the cooling and the heating electricity bills are bound to increase, leading to increased stress on your pockets.

But when you hire a foundation specialist in Ottawa, they would waterproof your basement in an effective manner as to reduce the overall humidity level indoors. This, in turn, would also help in bringing down the electricity bill to an affordable price.

· Protect the Floor

The basement floors are not that strong to bear the brunt of water seepage. This is because basement floor tiles are only about 2–4 inches thick and susceptible to the groundwater accumulation. The consequence of this water seepage may further lead to basement floor damages.

Waterproofing a basement becomes important for ensuring the proper maintenance of the basement floors and for preventing against water exposure. Such protection would, in turn, lead to the bigger motive i.e. safeguarding the entire structure from moisture.

· Enhance the Environment Quality

Excessive water accumulation in your basement walls leads to the presence of unnecessary moisture. And, this moisture further becomes the breeding ground for mold. These bacteria do not pose harm to the structure alone but rather to the health of the residents.

Mold leads to health issues such as asthma, respiratory issues, cardiovascular issues, cough, throat irritation or allergies. But when you hire Ottawa foundation contractors, you are ensured of one thing; a healthy and breathable environment. Waterproofing the basement would eliminate the root cause of the mold and that is all that is needed.

These were 5 benefits of opting for basement waterproofing. However, whenever you wish to undergo foundation repair in Ottawa, looking for reputable and cost-effective service provider is advised.


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