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If you live within one of Omaha’s flood zones chances are you will have to eventually deal with a flood, if you have not already. It’s a disheartening experience to see your home sitting in chest high water, not knowing what condition it will be in when you return. You may have placed some objects in the top of a closet or upstairs, but it is likely there will be a large amount of furniture and goods that are unsalvageable. There is hope though, with a quick reaction and hard work your home can be saved. Here are some things that you can do yourself to improve the situation in your home after it has been flooded.

First contact us at Dumpstermaxx, you will need a roll off dumpster to dispose of furniture and other items that could not be saved. After you have inspected your home and have an idea of how much waste your flood clean out will produce. This is going to be much harder than a spring clean out, it is likely you are going to have an entire home clean out as well as a yard clean out. We can tell you how many rental dumpsters you will need to finish the job. Waiting on waste services can mean weeks or months of debris in front of your house providing a home for wildlife and posing a threat to children. Don’t wait for anyone else, get the trash and debris out of your yard as soon as possible.

The first thing you will need to do when you return home after a flood is to start the drying process. You will need to open windows and doors to get air flowing to aid evaporation. If you have power, use floor fans and dehumidifiers to speed up the drying process. Carpet and upholstered furniture will be a complete loss and should removed immediately, they will be a continued source of moisture and will develop mold and mildew. Damp objects left in the home after a flood make it harder to dry walls out and will increase the likelihood mold will develop in the walls. A wet and dry vacuum will help you to remove all the water standing in your home. If wallpaper was submerged, it should be removed from the walls and thrown out, wallpaper can act like a seal and keep moisture inside the walls.

Your yard may be filled with debris from the flood, some of which may be your neighbor’s possessions. When possible, save photo albums, awards, and keepsakes and make an effort to return them to their owners. Make sure to wear heavy boots and gloves when removing debris from the yard. You may come across wood or shingles with nails still in them. Gather up all loose debris such as the aforementioned wood and shingles along with trash, tree limbs and vegetation, or any other items which may have come to a rest in your yard. Once you have removed all debris from your yard it will allow you to inspect your home for damage. Make repairs when you are able, for more complicated repairs a professional should be engaged.

It takes long hours and backbreaking work to save your home from further damage after a flood, but it can be done. We can help you by providing additional dumpsters if you decide to remodel, or if Demolition of the home is the only choice. Contact Dumpstermaxx for rates and availability on our dumpsters and waste receptacles. Let us help in your waste disposal efforts after a flood.

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