DIY : Extra Screws – Jeremy Schwartz – Medium


Today I finished putting together a filing cabinet we recently bought.

We bought it a week or so ago, and I had been taking time here and there to complete the job. It’s not that it was hard, it just wasn’t particularly exciting. I mean, of course it wasn’t, it was putting together a filing cabinet.

The experience had its moments, though. Seeing the basic shape of it appear after getting the first big pieces put together, for example. I also marveled at the planning it must have taken on the manufacturer’s end to make sure all the pieces fit together in the first place. If one pre-drilled screw hole was only a little bit off, the thing would not have fit together. That’s pretty amazing to me.

Speaking of screws, another thing I quite enjoyed is that every specific bag of different provided screws had one extra. There must have been half a dozen individual bags of screws, each with a different purpose. And each one had one extra in case one was lost in the putting-together process.

I’m not sure why this was so satisfying to me. I grew up with Lego, and all the sets I had always had extras of the smallest pieces. Maybe seeing it in something so “adult” as a filing cabinet brought me back to my childhood. That’s not weird, right?


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