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There are some people who are never satisfied with the store brought and always want to go something DIY. Their true satisfaction lies in admiring their own work. If that DIY project is huge and a good show off material, the happiness is doubled. If this is the case then DIY faux wall panelling is the best thing around.

Faux wall panels

Faux wall panels are lightweight and very easy to install. They take a fraction of time and can be installed in an afternoon. There are different options when working with the faux walls. Depending upon the choice of the owner, faux stone, faux brick and faux wood panels can be used. Installing such originals walls can cause a huge budget, a lot of time and effort. Along with all of this it creates mess around the house as well. Using the faux wall panels can save a huge amount with ease. There can be several uses of these faux wall panels such as:

Faux brick accent wall

Accent walls the best way to separate one room from another. To mark the beginning and ending of spaces in the house, these faux brick wall panels are most recommended. Accent walls are also used to highlight specific features such as the fireplace, bed or even the staircase. Any wall in the house can be perfectly accented using the faux brick panels.

Faux stone man cave

Man caves are perhaps the coolest things in the houses these days. Not everyone knows they have a man cave in the house until it is properly covered with something that makes it look like the part. Faux stone panel can help a lot. Faux stone panel can be easily installed and gives a look of a perfect man cave.

Faux wood kitchen backsplash

The kitchen cannot be completed without the back splashes. Without the back splashes the kitchen gives a plain look on the wall behind the counter. To create an appealing kitchen backsplash faux wood panels can be used. Not only that they are easily installed, they can also be cleaned easily, and they are resistant to moisture. In the kitchen, all options that are easily cleaned are the best one and so is the faux wood panel for kitchen backsplash.

Faux brick entry gate

If the driveway ends with a gate, it should better be covered with the faux wall brick panels. Faux brick panels can enhance the beauty of the gates and the whole house by folds. The entrance of the house defines the whole house. It gives an overall view of how the house might look like from inside. Installing faux brick panels on the gate can give an astounding look. The house will surely look fiery on the outside. Along with its beauty, the faux brick panel is moisture resistant and keep the gate rust free for a long time.

Faux stone bathroom

When the whole house is decorated why not the bathrooms!! The areas around the bathtub and the shower can be covered with faux stone panels to create a spa like environment in your own bathroom. The dream home can have another feature to comfort you. Besides its amazing looks and texture, the fact that it is impermeable to moisture makes it very beneficial. The faux stone panel is also resistant to mildew and rot. To clean the faux wall panels, just a damp rug is required. No need of any harsh chemicals to clean the faux wall.

The faux wall panels are very easy to install and glamorous, which is why they make the best DIY project.


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