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Wallpapers are a cost effective way to do renovation for homes without going through the inconvenience of wall paints. There is a large variety of prints, colors and patterns available in the market. Consumers can buy wallpaper online to completely change the look of one’s room. Big floral patterns or clean symmetrical lines, wallpapers add a dramatic appeal to every space. When used smartly, they can end up being the most striking component in a room’s aesthetics.

Compared to the traditional use of paints, the trend of using wallpaper for home wall is gaining more popularity. Wallpapers come in many different finishes like vinyl, fabric, foil printed, embossed textures, suede etc. Consumers can choose between big floral prints, geometric shapes, attractive stripes and self-printed wallpaper designs. This kind of rich variety is not available for those who choose to use paints in their homes.

There is no hassle in using wallpapers. Sticking them on the walls takes no extra effort. One medium sized room can be furnished with wallpapers in a day. On the other side, it takes two to three days to finish doing painting in a room. It also requires additional time to dry. Wallpapers are time saving. For longevity also, wallpapers have the upper edge. High quality wallpapers last for at least seven years, while paint will lose its shine within three years.

Good quality paints from a well-reputed brand comes at a high price. If home owners wish to add some pattern or a special texture, the price is likely to go up. Wallpapers are the cheaper option. Consumers can choose textured wallpaper at much lower price. When they buy wallpaper online, they can get different styles of wallpapers at a discounted price.

Big floral prints and bold abstract patterns are a popular choice in wallpaper designs. Using floral prints can add character to a room. It becomes a striking feature in your room, and is sure to capture everyone’s attention. Symmetrical lines and shapes can make a room look bigger than it is. Wallpapers with lines and stripes can create the illusion of more height or width, which makes the room look more spacious.

Using a contrasting design for wallpaper for home wall is also a widely used trend. Bright and vibrant patterns paired off with pastel colored wallpapers are a good way to renovate the look of your living area or bedroom. Another popular style is to use wallpaper on only one side of a room. It gives a very unique appearance to a room. The lone wallpapered wall stands out.

Rose gold wallpapers are also very much in demand. The color has been doing the round in the fashion circles for few years now, and has also entered the home decorating field now. Rose gold wallpapers give a look of sophistication and class to any space. They are commonly used in living areas or in the bedrooms to achieve an elegant look.

Wallpapers in a soft color with self-design pattern also look good, and create a soothing effect on the interiors. Spotted wallpapers or geometrical shapes are also said to be relaxing to look at. Consumers can choose from a variety of styles and designs while buying new wallpapers.


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