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Once you have designed your kitchen, there still remains one problem: Who is going to do the work?

If you want a professional to do the job, the specialists in kitchen and bathroom remodeling are members of the American Institute of Kitchen Dealers, an association of over 1,200 professionals across the country who must qualify for membership.

The cream of the crop of kitchen specialists are Certified Kitchen Designers; the initials “CKD” will be found after their names, corresponding roughly to the “ASID” of the qualified interior decorator.

Design and Furnishing Own Kitchen in Perfect Ways

Any kitchen furnishings’ dealer will plan your kitchen for futuristic kitchen design, and order the necessary materials, and arrange for their professional installation. He will usually offer a guarantee and the kitchen will be done in a minimum amount of time with as little disruption as possible.

Other groups include the National Home Improvement Contractors and the National Remodelers Association. While many of the members of these organizations are skilled in kitchen remodeling, their emphasis, for the most part, is on roofing, siding, insulation, dormers and the like; many do kitchen remodeling only as a sideline.

Get Proper References

Before you sign anything, get references from the firm. Companies that are proud of their work will be glad to refer you to previous customers. Be sure the kitchen design firm has a showroom and is not selling from a catalog. If the showroom does not have kitchen displays, you are taking a chance. And, preferably, the displays should show you both stock and custom-built cabinets, and built-in appliances as well as free-standing ones.

What you are looking for in a contractor is a solid business person who has an investment in the community, who pays taxes in the community, and who has a stake in it. When someone has in

vested thousands of dollars into a showroom, it adds to their credibility. As the last step, check the company with the Better Business Bureau.

You will pay for these professional services, and this cost factor can be prohibitive. An alternative, however, is for you to do some or all the work. This can result in some substantial savings, in addition to the satisfaction you can have from knowing that you did the work yourself. There are, however, some things you should consider before assuming that you can do the work required.

Materials to Use in the Kitchen

You can figure on paying about the same for materials no matter who does the final installation. While some dealers will give you a price break if you buy everything through them, it probably will not amount to any great saving.

Rather than buying materials from one or two suppliers on a day-to-day basis, you might consider comparison shopping even if it is a modern kitchen appliance, you need to consider the main design of your kitchen. Some possible sources include large hardware and supply discount houses, and cash-and-carry supply warehouses.

Other potential sources for savings are special manufacturer’s sales, sales of distressed materials and equipment, mill-end runs, obsolete or discontinued stock, warehouse inventory clearances, and materials or hardware auctions. You can also obtain good, used materials from various sources- and even buy leftover stock from building contractors.

Although this may all sound terrific, you do have to keep in mind that it is easy to get stuck. To be successful, remember three points.

Last Few Words in Design

Saving money this way requires ingenuity, judgment,and knowledge of building materials and their potential uses. You must know the difference-at glance-between good-quality materials and hardware, and junk.

Do not skimp on details or specifications. The plans are designed to help you work out problems in advance and to serve as references as the job progresses.As you work out the final plans, establish specifications for the materials, hardware, and equipment needed.


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