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Finishing options of double front doors

What trimming and finishing to choose? There are many options. Ideally, the front door should be combined with the rest of the doors in the house/apartment, flooring, walls and furniture.

Doors with MDF / Veneer

MDF (a medium-density board made of pressed wood fiber) is a high-quality coating that imitates the wood structure. It is not the final covering; usually the surface is covered with PVC / laminate or veneer. PVC, like laminate, is a decorative film with a pattern of wood, but with a more durable structure. Veneer is a natural cut of wood — a more beautiful and luxurious version of decorative design.


  • high strength;
  • large selection of natural coatings and artificial colors;
  • resistance of MDF with PVC to temperature difference.


  • If damaged, it may be necessary to replace the damaged area.

Veneer is unique in its structure. It gives the door naturalness thanks to the use of real wood, but is more democratic in price.


  • a showy look;
  • upscale quality;
  • lower price compared to the solid wood.


  • low resistance to moisture and mechanical load.


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