DIY : Decorate a Room With Custom Bedding and Window Treatments

Everyone wants to have a beautiful and stylish house. A dream house with all kinds of facilities. You can also add a value by installing custom-made headboards in your bedrooms. Take help from the professionals to decorate your own house. Creativity is always appreciated by everyone. Make a stylish house but in the simplest way. You need not have to buy expensive furniture to make the house lively.

You must have noticed that readymade furniture has been always there forever, custom-made furniture is also coming into fashion for those who are looking for a different type of style and personalized solutions for their homes. As its very name suggests, custom-made furniture is specially made according to the requirement of the client, keeping in mind their individual demands, which gives buyers the advantage of choosing any element they like when getting furniture for their home. People get a chance to decorate their homes according to their own way by putting pictures or adding some quotes.

You can also use custom printed roller shades in your drawing room where guests come and seat. Here, you can put your family picture here to give a different look in the space.

Here are a few ways by which you can decorate a room with custom bedding and window treatments:

Accessories: Bring some custom printed pillows even you can add extra pillows or throw pillows to place on top of the bed. They come in any size or shape imaginable. You have to consider that adding trim or fringe to the pillows to match accessories on the window treatments. A great combination of round and square, flat and tubular throw pillows give depth and dimension to the overall look. Add other furniture to the room, such as chairs, vanity tables and ottomans with contrasting fabric in front of your bed.

Bedding: There are many different options to choose from in custom bedding components. When it comes to bedding, headboards play a very important role here. You should use custom made headboards with the best picture of yours. A bedroom is that place where you spend your time after a long tiring day with your loved one. Use a contrasting color and pattern between the bed cover and the dust ruffle to achieve a designer look.

Window Treatments: Create a beautiful atmosphere by coordinating fashion window treatments and bedding and give to create a professional decorator throughout the room. Use roller shades instead of pinch-pleated drapes with sheer curtains below and valances above for a more formal look. Of course, you can use curtains or drapes hanging loose or with a tieback create a more casual appearance. But nowadays, the roller shades are trendy and in fashion.

You can decorate your kids’ room with the custom printed roller shades where you can put their pictures on it. So, what are you waiting for! This kind of custom designed home decor items is always appreciated by all. Be different, be stylish in your own way.


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