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For many homeowners, security is a key consideration. Your home should always be one place where your safety is guaranteed and that is the primary duty of a fence.

A fence is a physical barrier surrounding your house that allows you to dictate who or what is allowed within the confines of your home. What makes a fence to a wall is that it gives security while still preserving a sense of openness between you, your neighbors and your community.

Why get a fence?

Security: A fence provides security by putting an extra barrier between would-be burglars and your home. There are many types of fences specifically designed to provide security. These are harder to climb, will harm intruders, and will cause noise when climbed that alerts you to intrusion attempts.

Safety: Safety in this instance is more a way to protect those inside the fence. Many people have pets and children that will often play in the yard, a fence and a shut gate ensures that they do not wander out of the yard and into the path of danger.

Privacy: For those who put great stock in their privacy and want to be able to conduct any of a wide variety of activities in their yard unobserved, a fence is a great idea. A fence provides cover from unwanted watchers and provides people with freedom and comfort of privacy within their yard.

Boundaries: A fence is a physical barrier that clearly demarcates the borders of a person’s property. With a fence in place there is little ambiguity as to what is yours and what is your neighbor. This allows you to avoid disputes that could otherwise crop up between you and your neighbors.

Aesthetics: For many, their fantasy home is a nice suburban house with a number of select features and a white picket fence. Fences can add beauty to a home and be a great way to externalize personal tastes and feelings.

Do you need a Fence?

Not everyone requires the advantages of a fence listed above and that must be acknowledged. Some live in communities that need no real definite boundaries to establish security. However, far more homeowners require at least one of the above listed and for those, a fence is a great idea.

A fence is a relatively simple structure and can be personally built or you could always find contractors to take care of this for you, if you’re in Canada there is an Ottawa-Based Fence Installation Company that can effectively cater to all your fencing needs. Contact us for a free Estimate for your fence.


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