DIY : Costly Home Repairs – Kathleen Monroe

Homebuyers are all looking for one thing: a home that looks nice, is safe, and won’t fall apart. While most homes fit this criteria, people on the lookout should keep in mind that there may be repairs around the corner. This kind of huge expense is a homeowner’s worst nightmare, so it’s important to do due diligence and find out as much as you can about the house before you commit to it. To help you in this process, I’ve compiled some of the most expensive repairs you should be wary of before buying a house.

Major Foundation Repairs

All houses lie on a foundation; it’s what keeps it standing. A crumbling or cracking foundation can be signs of a serious problem that can hurt not only your wallet, but your family as well. Foundation repair can cost over $10,000 on the low end and up to $40,000 on the high end. This is a significant amount of money and that most families can’t afford out of pocket, so make sure your dream home gets inspected by a foundation specialist to determine whether or not this repair would be in your future.

Roof Repairs

Every real estate agent will tell you to ask when the roof was last replaced, as well as to pay attention to signs of damage. This is because roof damage is not only dangerous, but costly to repair. Ignore the problem and you could end up with leaks, mold, or even animals in your attic. Make sure to ask about the roof when touring houses, or be prepared to pay up to $12,000 for a repair.

HVAC System

Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning is an important component of every home. It’s also a feared acronym, because it is associated with high costs. Fortunately, if the current owner has maintained the system over the years, you will probably not run into problems right away. Still, you can and should ask when the gas furnace was last replaced, just in case it is on its last leg. If the system has not been maintained and the furnace is worn down, you can expect to spend nearly $10,000 for a replacement.

Septic Tank Replacement

People looking for houses in residential communities may think they are safe with public sewage. However, many houses in these areas are actually run by septic systems. Some owners neglect to pump their system, which can lead to backups or leakage. Since nobody wants toilet contents backing up into their yard, it is important to make sure the septic system is in working condition. A replacement system can cost up to $15,000, so rather than take a chance, make sure to question the owners about their septic maintenance.

Buying a house is exciting, but paying for repairs is not. Before you rush into purchasing a property that looks good on the outside, make sure it is stable and well-maintained. Otherwise, you could rack up unimaginable debt right away.



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