DIY : Contractor Brian Marshall: First-Time Buyer Renovation Trends

If you’re a first-time home buyer you know buying a home isn’t just a dream, but an investment with renovations, contractors, and expenses.

Things to consider…do you buy new construction, or something more retro, perhaps a fixer-upper for a Tampa contractor like Brian Marshall to renovate? Will you buy in a transitional neighborhood or a trendy neighborhood? Will you want a house that already has updated features or prefer out-of-date for a lower price?

Lots of decisions to make before you begin house hunting. Below are some trends to help with your research and how renovation contractors come into play.

Contractor Brian Marshall

Here are some ways first-time home buyers will be able to make their dollars go farther:

Contractor Brian Marshall: The Fixer Upper

Who doesn’t love a fixer-upper? Well, unless you’re the host of an HGTV show or a Tampa contractor like Brian Marshall, most people because of the time it takes, the mess it makes, the money you spend and the overall inconvenience of living in a home while renovating it. If you have the luxury of owning your current property while renovating a new one, it’s not that bad. Unfortunately, not everyone has that option and most people end up living in the home they’re remodeling through the renovation process.

But as much of a hassle as this sounds, it doesn’t have to entail an entire gut-renovation by a contractor and thousands of dollars. Some renovations can be simple such as fresh paint, new floors, or even correcting poor landscape. But if you’re looking at significant renovations that require a Tampa contractor like Brian Marshall, you don’t have to do them all at once, as long as the price of the house is a great deal. If you plan on living in the house and making renovations in phases, make sure there are areas such as bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen, that are livable.

Contractor Brian Marshall: The Urban Revival

Urban Revival or Transitional Neighborhoods are those resilient areas of town which were once down and out but, on their way, to bouncing back. These neighborhoods have great opportunities to purchase a house, renovate it, wait a few years until the hood catches up, and then sell it. Make sure you either know what you’re doing when renovating or contact a professional contractor like Brian Marshall. These homes are not only an awesome investment in an up and coming neighborhood, but if they’re renovated properly, may fetch above comps.

Contractor Brian Marshall: The Discount

Foreclosures and short sales used to be hot items during the housing crisis. Don’t think because the market is better there’s a shortage of these sales. Banks still have plenty of inventory that they want to unload and you could be just the buyer to walk away with a fantastic deal. Depending on how long these have been in foreclosure, these homes may be in poor condition because from years of neglect, so although you may think it’s an amazing deal, think of the amount of work and money it will take to get it in good condition.

Contractor Brian Marshall: The Undated

The 80s called and they want their bathroom tile back.

An intentional retro look is good. Features that haven’t been updated because the owner was either lazy or didn’t want to invest, is bad for the home, but good for you in the long run when negotiating price.

Much like a fixer-upper scenario, finding a home with just enough ugly to warrant a lower price because of the amount you’ll have to spend on making it pretty is where you want to be. Again, you don’t have to upgrade everything all at once (although that saves a lot of time and headache tearing things up every so often) with a contractor like Brian Marshall but you’ll want to point things out to the agent or owner to warrant a lower price.

Contractor Brian Marshall: The Money Pit

Lastly, when looking for a deal of a house, always make sure you get an inspector to check things thoroughly. You should know as much as possible about what you’re getting and what to expect in terms of renovations as to not fall into a “money pit”.

While some first-time home buyers don’t feel comfortable taking the plunge into homes that require several renovations by a contractor like Brian Marshall, others thrive from the challenge it will bring buying a property in less than good condition and turning it into a gem.

Whatever you do, just be cautious and don’t get in over your head. ~ Contractor Brian Marshall


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