DIY : Common mistakes people make while choosing window treatments

Every homeowner would want a home with a great aesthetic appeal, installing new and trendy window treatments is one of the best ways to provide your home with a new look. However, if you’re looking for style, privacy, or both, it could be a daunting task to choose window treatments serving multiple functions. In this confusion, you may end up shopping for a window treatment that fails your plan to transform the look of your home. Various window treatment providers in Oakhurst offer multiple options to choose from as per your requirements.

To help you avoid common errors in picking the right window treatments for your home, here’s a list of common mistakes people make when choosing new window treatments for their home

Installing paper blinds — It is okay to install paper blinds for the first few days in a new home, but over time, it becomes unpleasant to save energy and maintain privacy. If you choose a paper blind for privacy, it may serve the purpose for a few weeks, and result in still having that blind on the window after five years. Take time to decide what you want and then make a purchase.

Choosing ready-made Roulette — You purchase ready-made drapes from a store that are well-packaged and folded. While you were hanging them, you find that those drapes are neither lined nor offer much privacy. There is nothing like the quality of custom-made drapery, all you need is to select the color, style, and details, while the rest will be taken care of by the specialist.

Picking the wrong type of fabric — Another most common mistake people usually make is picking the wrong type of fabric for their window treatments. Nowadays, the market is flooded with a variety of fiber combinations in materials. Some of the combinations influence how the fabric remains in the sun, how the fabric drapes, and how it cared during its life. A window treatment professional not only offers a wide variety of materials to the consumer but also provides extensive knowledge of how to hang these fabrics.

Selecting an incorrect hardware — When it comes to proper functionality of window treatments, choosing the right hardware such as rods is very important. Make sure your decorator rods are solid, not telescoping. This enables flawless movement of the drapes. Moreover, solid rods usually require less support so the drapes can all go off to one side which is very helpful for a sliding glass door.

Not hiring a window treatment professional — A window treatment professional will always explain how you should take care of your shades, blinds, and drapes. Follow their instructions and your window treatments will last a long time. Reach out to the window treatment professionals in Oakhurst for consultation while choosing window treatment.

To avoid the above-given mistakes while choosing a window treatment seek the experts help at budget blinds.


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