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Traditional entrance doors are used everywhere — from apartments and private houses to offices. They are elegant, beautiful and able to give respectability to any home. However, a reliable front door is designed not only to decorate the interior and facade — it is also a tool for home protection. Security is one of the most important elements of the front doors.

The current classic front doors are characterized by resistance to mechanical influences and climatic effects. Owing to the use of special modern technologies, the frame doesn’t deform and can serve for many years. These products have good soundproofing and thermal insulation. At the same time they are absolutely safe.


Classic front doors should be selected based on the climate and environment. For example, in regions with high humidity, give preference to materials that are moisture-resistant.

Features of style

Almost any person can distinguish classic doors from any other. The main characteristics are:

  • predominance of dark or pastel tones;
  • use of high-quality expensive materials;
  • exact proportions;
  • symmetry of elements;
  • an abundance of decorative elements.

Doors in the classical style usually have the color and texture of natural materials. The most common colors are brown, white, beige, gray and similar pastel shades. The accessories have not only a functional purpose, but also serve as an amazing decoration of the leaf. Such models can also be decorated with arches, columns, pilasters and other decorative details.

Traditional doors, due to their classical elements, will perfectly fit into the interiors in the styles of:

  • Classicism and neoclassicism;
  • Baroque and Empire;
  • Provence and Country Chic;
  • Gothic.

Originally the traditional doors were made from a solid hardwood. Modern classic entrance doors are most often made of metal, but with a wood paneling or its imitation. Therefore, due to the huge variety of materials used, such models are a universal solution that looks harmonious in almost any room.

Why the classic does not go out of fashion

Classic doors are the embodiment of sophistication, reliability and harmony in the interior. They can be massive, strict, elegant, but always emphasize the status of the owner of housing. The classic front door is not just beautiful. This is an elegant and timeless interior and a respectable facade of your house. Classics always remain classics.

Door accessories and finishing

Decorative elements and fittings on classic entry doors attract maximum attention. They can advantageously emphasize or even change the overall stylistics of the leaf. The popular colors of accessories are:

  • bronze;
  • brass;
  • patina;
  • silver.

Also, you can find chromium or nickel finishes. However, this color solution is much more appropriate for contemporary doors.

Various elements of decor are intended to intensify the sophistication of design. For decoration, glass inserts, stained glass and mirrors are often used. Wood carving can also be used as decoration. Exclusive models can be covered with natural leather to create a truly unique appearance.

Price range

The assortment of classical entrance doors allows finding excellent models from a wide price range. Basically, the price depends on the material from which the door is constructed. Therefore, products made of solid wood have a higher price. If you want a more democratic price — you can buy a classic product made from MDF. Any products presented in the modern market are reliable enough. They are made of quality materials to serve for a long time.

If you want to purchase a beautiful front door, The Doors Depot will easily help to fulfill your wish. Why choose us? On our site you can find unique and exclusive models made of various materials with usage of modern technologies. The presented doors are available in various color solutions and configurations. And this means that you can always choose the option that will emphasize the uniqueness of your own housing.


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