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Changing the colorway is a quick and easy way to freshen up any room. It adds character, quality, and ambiance to any space. Color is also a great way to show off your personal style.

The living room is designed for family and friends to gather and spend time. For this space, the best color palette is one that creates a chic, comfortable, and convivial mood. If your living room needs an update, try these chic and classy living room colors.

Classic Traditional Style Gets a Chic Update

Traditional style doesn’t have to be old and stuffy. The right color palette can give this everlastingly popular style a fresh update. Traditional elements such as beadboard paneling, white trim, antique accents, and classic furniture shapes provide the foundation for the style. An infusion of color makes it yours. Muted yellows can stand in for basic beige. Repeating your accent color throughout space ties everything together. Consistent use of a soft blue on the chairs, sofa, and in the rug grounds the room.

Bright Colors Create a Chic and Comfortable Space

Bright colors in your family room can be bold and brash, but when used right they can create a chic and comfortable space. Try complementary colors such as bright shades of blue and orange. Complementary colors are positioned across from each other on the color wheel and create impact when used together in interior decor. However, they can be overpowering if the right decorating strategy isn’t used. Sprinkle the shades in against a backdrop of soft white or grey. Using patterns instead of large block of color will soften the color scheme but not the overall dramatic effect.

Inviting Colors for a Chic Modern Look

Soft grey walls and blue accents bring a modern tone into a room full of contemporary furniture and accessories. Soft white (rather than a cool shade) on the ceiling and echoed in the upholstery adds to the warmth of the room. Natural materials, botanical prints, and touches of nature complete the inviting look.

Chic and Cozy Country Cottage Style

Country cottage often brings to mind fluffy florals and overstuffed furniture. You can give country style a fresh look by pairing traditional furniture with an updated color scheme. Rather than pastels, try a muted green with a rustic brown-red. It’s just as soft but with a little more zing. The light furniture creates a look that is airy and lived in. The brown-red on the area rug over rustic flooring keeps the look casual and chic. Plenty of white — furniture, accessories, and walls — keeps the look feeling fresh.

Classy Greens Keep the Living Room Alive

Greens, both from the garden and on the furniture, bring the living room alive. Start with stylized botanical prints on a chair or accent pillows, stripe upholstery on an ottoman or small chair, and a deep green leather sofa. Cream walls complement the green’s yellow undertones and keep them from overwhelming the room. Hints of black add sophistication.

However you use them, spicing up your space with colors is sure to give it some added zest. Make a style statement with color for a chic and classy living room the whole family will enjoy.

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