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Spring can take a heavy toll of your home, garden and other property. As the winter departs, the days become long and weather warm, making it the ideal time to repair the damage caused by winter.

A stitch in time saves nine. So, pull up your socks and repair the damage soon to save hassles in future. Not sure where to start from? Here we walk you through the checklist for spring home maintenance.

Tasks That Get Over Quickly

· Scrutinizing paths and driveways

Walkways and paths can get damaged due to thawing and freezing. Strolling around property will let you know which areas need replacements and repairs.

· Look out for termites

Termites are the biggest enemies of woodwork. The most effective way to counter them is to identify their presence early and act quickly.

Thoroughly check your property for presence of these winged insects and if you find them apply pesticides.

  • Eliminate mosquito breeding

Once winter is over, water gets accumulated in numerous areas. This standing water is breeding ground for mosquitoes which are dangerous for human health. So, check your property and eliminate standing water.

Tasks That Can Be Competed Over Weekend

· Clean The windows

Get rid of the grime that is accumulated on the glass to get more brightness. You can clean the exteriors of windows yourself by using a hose.

  • Wash downspouts and gutters

Wash all gutters and downspouts once the frost passes. Clogged gutters can result in rotting of wood trims.

Hence it is crucial to keep the gutters clean. Also it enables the water from spring rain to divert away from the foundation of your home.

If you have a wood-burning fireplace then remove charred logs and ashes and clean the surroundings of the fireplace. You can call a professional to clean the chimney as well.

  • Scrutinize irrigation systems and sprinkles

Sprinkles and their heads can get damaged due to spring. This can result in unnecessary wastage of water.

So check the irrigation system thoroughly. Manually check every zone and fix sprinkler heads that are broken or need adjustments.

  • Watch Out Windows And Screen Doors

The aftermath of spring can result in holes and tears in your windows and screen doors. These holes are ideal entry points for pests and bugs.

Carefully check your windows and screen doors for any tears and repair them soon.

Maintenance Factors To Include In Budget For Winters

Roof Inspection | Image Credit:

The roof of your home suffers the most in spring. As soon as the spring departs take out time and inspect the roof for any damage and wear.

You don’t need a ladder for this task. Thanks to modern day cameras that are armed with zooming facility, you can inspect the roof with ease and locate areas that need repairing.

If painting the exterior part of your home is in your mind, then spring is the best time to act upon. Explore color combination, zero down on what suits you best and give your home a refreshing look.

  • Work On The Exterior Woodwork-

To increase lifespan of woodwork you need to reseal it every couple of years.

Invest in resealing the woodwork and also take care of other repairs once spring departs.

  • Get Air-conditioning Serviced-

Your air- conditioning systems benefit by regular servicing. Change their filters and service the machinery to enhance its durability.

If executed effectively, this above discussed checklist will limit the damage caused by spring and will keep your property in good shape.

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