DIY : Cheap Ways to Increase Your Home Value – Robert Hagaman – Medium

Whether you’ve decided to sell your home or you are just looking to spruce up the place, there are many home adjustments you can make that won’t break the bank. For most homeowners, however, choosing which improvements to make is the biggest obstacle. While the actual cost for each project varies, there are plenty of techniques that will increase your home’s value, and it’s comfortability without a lump sum of money. Here are tips for upgrading your home’s look, feel and value.


Many homeowners think that they need to buy all the new appliances to make their kitchen stand out. While that may be beneficial for some, most will spend more money than it will add to the home value. Instead, try updating smaller features that come together for the big picture.

Cabinets– Adding a new double coat of paint to your cabinets can have them looking brand new with under 40 dollars. Add another $40 on top for new handles, and BOOM, you’re done.

Fixtures- This may seem surprising, but most faucets, door knobs, locks, and handles are easy to paint and look unbelievably brand new. Try it out for a quick room spruce up.


We all know that the kitchen is an essential part of a home. But did you know that according to experts, the bathroom is almost just as important? Luckily for us, the bathroom is also just as inexpensive to upgrade!

Lighting- Updating light fixtures can be a surprising fix to many home decor issues. The right light cannot only make each room bright, but it also gives your home a more modern vibe. Up the ante, a little further and upgrade the outlet switch plates.

Bathtub- Listen, I know paint doesn’t fix everything, but it really can do so much! If your tub looks dated due to older colors or it just doesn’t go with the rest of the look, it can be easily fixed with some good ‘ol paint.


While the bathroom and kitchen are important rooms inside, the outside of your home should not be neglected. When arriving to tour the home, buyers will automatically make a snap judgment based on their first look.

Landscape- Mow that lawn. Trim those hedges. Rake those leaves. Clean that gutter. Try adding a colorful garden and a new mailbox to bump up the curb appeal. These fixes are fast, easy, and perfect for those working on a budget.

When it comes to upgrading your home’s value, experience is not necessarily a factor. With a budgeted plan, any homeowner can quickly add thousands of dollars to the value of their homes. Subtle and inexpensive details can be precisely what you need to make your home stand out against the rest.


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