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Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to join you in holy matrimony with the one thing you can count on, your sofa. A love so soft, deep and pure that everyday you count down the minutes until you’re reunited with it. A love that does not judge, even in the moments where dignity is practically non-existent. A love that’s there to welcome you home, no matter what. Like choosing a life partner, there’s a lot to think about when you’re investing in a sofa. There’s squish tests to do and ‘slouchability’ to consider before you can commit to spending your life with it. If you can fall asleep on a sofa despite your favourite show playing in the background, that’s a pretty captivating couch. If you find it so difficult to be parted from it that you end up running to the toilet to avoid an accident, that’s a special sofa. If you can ignore the evident double chin you’ve got from lying down, well I call that love. Because we believe the sofa is as much a part of the family as your mother is (and the sofa doesn’t nag), we’re counting down our top 2018 picks for sofas. We can neither confirm nor deny testing the double chin theory on all of them.

The Cooper

Photography credit to Distinctify

There are some sofas that represent all that you wish you were. Beautiful, dressed to impress with a warm, soft demeanour. The Cooper is the perfect partner. You won’t need a husband or wife when you’ve got this sophisticated feat of design at home. Squared arms keep the design of this sofa modern, whilst the deep buttoning is as sophisticated as any royally bestowed title.

The Linde

Photography credit to Anthropologie

Is there anything more inviting than the corner of a sofa-chaise? It’s almost too tempting to fling yourself into that 90 degree angle because you know you’ll never move again if you do. Sofa-chaises offer the benefit of reclining without transporting you to Joey and Chandler’s F.R.I.E.N.D.S era bachelor pad. In plush velvet fabrics, like this Anthropologie beauty, you get optimum comfort without sacrificing style.

The Pulse

Photography credit to Distinctify

Expressing your individuality and character within your home is of fundamental importance. The benefit of modular sofas, like our Pulse Sofa, is that you can select a fit that’s perfect for your room in a variation of fabrics. It keeps its design simple and comfortable so that you can accessorise to your heart’s content.

The Hewitt

Photography credit to

Like a beacon calling you home, with some sofas you can see its plumpness for miles. And while we feel a touch of shame when we pile on the pounds over christmas, we’re always proud to have a sofa that’s particularly rotund. You can practically see the future mould of your buttocks in this example.

The Berlin

Photography credit to Loaf

Sofas for social butterflies need a little more height to them. It’s pretty hard to maintain a conversation when you’re falling asleep. By using sofas with a rounded, rigid back but keeping a deep, plush base you get a sofa that’s perfect for entertaining as well as unwinding. Loaf’s Berlin Sofa has a retro feel to it, with exposed wooden feet harking back to the 70’s.

The Holmes

Photography credit to Arlo & Jacob

Some sofas look like they may genuinely swallow you. And we don’t think that’s a bad thing. You won’t get the blame when you’ve not moved for four hours. How could you when this plump monster had you in its jaws? You’d be forgiven for falling asleep, too. This Holmes Sofa from Arlo & Jacob is perfect for napping, its retracted arms mean you can stretch out and wriggle around to your heart’s content.

The Adelaide

Photography credit to Distinctify

Our CEO Mark is a self confessed fan of the Distinctify’s Adelaide, and considering his 32 years of experience in the furniture industry, it’s safe to say that he knows his stuff! ‘Squidgy’ is the expert term he used to describe it and honestly, has anything ever been so apt? Clean lines and a classic shape make this sofa a truly timeless addition to your decor. As always you can trust us when we say we’ve kept comfort as the priority.

The Manhattan

Photography credit to Distinctify

Some sofas were destined for the bright lights and the big city; adaptable sofas that ooze modern sophistication. They are perfect for renters and first time buyers. Have a look at Distinctify’s Manhattan: A sofa with a chameleon-esque ability to integrate any design scheme that is also ridiculously cosy, a must have for city dwellers. The aptly named Manhattan can do it all!


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