DIY : Break in the clouds part 5.5.5 – Kal – Medium

Haven’t written one of these in over a month…

So I’m getting new stuff for my flag; nothing too major, just things to make my flat more organised.

What and how?

So to explain; I’m “technically” not paying for any of this, no one is technically. To give this context, when I got my internet from BT; part of my package included a £120 reward card.

And so with this I’m buying various items from towels, toilet paper holder and a diskrack for my kitchen…

In addition I’ve bought myself a new razor; a safety razor to be precise. Why? Because these retro/vintage beauties aren’t just more environmentally friendly but they’re also longer lasting and cheaper overall. See, because it’s all Metal, It’s much easier to recycle than its plastic and metal counter parts. Cheaper because i spend a one off “big” payment for a razor; but instead of spending £2-5 on razor heads every 2-3 months I stead £10 on nearly a years worth or more simpler, double edge blades.

So yeah. This is my random update.


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