DIY : Bamboo Home Accents- Add Some Hues to Your Room in this Autumn

In every fall, we are excited to get rid of scorching hot from summer. Finally, a good season to enjoy cool and comfy weather and no more sweat on home tidy and cleaning. Also take a walk along the alley with deciduous trees by both sides, it is always a pleasure to slow down and enjoy the moment seeing those red and golden falling leaves. So we also like to add some autumnal elements in your room- crafted natural bamboo furniture.

How to add some autumnal elements in your room? This is not a problem for us with our wooden material product. Trees and leaves are tiny though necessary part of the nature. So matter home accent product features tree or leaves, they could symbolize contemporary seasonal flavor. Today we will recommend our bamboo product for your reference.

Why Bamboo?

This is a good question if you wonder about why choose bamboo instead of other wood. First, some slow-growing with high resilience tree, definitely they are upscale choice for wooden furniture. However reliable material always features hard to get and high on price. If you do not have high budget on this autumn home improvement plan, you will exclude them from your list without question. Another problem about wooden furniture is its compatibility to original home decoration. Undoubtedly they are solid in material, durable for long time usage. On condition your home style is modern or vivid color thematic, solemnity and naturally aged feeling of wood is hard to its place in such home style.

For bamboo, the natural color of which is bright wooden natural color. If the surface is only processed with protection coating to keep its original color, the bright wood color is similar to the tinge of beige. Such color would be perfect in your pallet for home. No matter vivid color combination or modern simplistic style, beige color would be compatible from them without too much effort.

Another reason for choosing bamboo is its fast growing biological feature. Some certain bamboo species are able to grow 91 cm within a 24-hour period, equals to almost 4 cm in an hour. So for a natural bamboo forest, selecting and cutting under rational plan and strict supervision would be most harmless to local environment. It is just metabolism for the forest just like trimming for decorative bushes. Erase some unnecessary parts will do great help to the whole biological system. Comparing with other wood categories, bamboo enjoy such inborn advantage both on economics and ecology.

Assist with your Daily Laundry Work

Already tired with traditional fabric or plastic material laundry hamper? This bamboo laundry hamper would be your choice. Tightly connected bamboo chips makes whole structure is like an old-time wood barrel. In East and Southeast Asia, local people even made bamboo mattress to better spend hot summer. So we adopt similar connecting craft on the exterior of the hamper. On one hand to add some rustic style with the structure, on the other to make outside surface much stable. With sewing technology on the end side of bamboo chips, the flip-top upper lid could endure long-time and frequent open and close. As most bamboo grows in the area with high humidity, so they could also perform well in mildew resistance. So for some circumstances inevitably contact with wet in laundry usage, such feature of bamboo would do great help.

For Better Perform with Your Laptop

As steady and sturdy feature like any other wood, bamboo is also good choice for shelf or table. We have some monitor stand products to facilitate your home office or computer using need at home. This kind of product does not only try to offer a better viewing angle for the monitor, but also add some extra storage space on desktop.

Based on such need, we extend using circumstance to on bed or on sofa. You just want a soft platform to casually work with your laptop. Or you just would like to watch a movie or some PC game with your laptop. Then this kind of laptop desk is what you need. For the area to position laptop, the whole surface is able to be tilted in different slant angle to offer a better view. Also the surface has been hollowed with fan-shaped pattern. Such design promote ventilation and heat dissipation for your laptop. There is also a small drawer hidden under the desktop. It will be convenient to put some little items inside within your reach.

Let Entryway be the First View for Home

We always advice to enable more various flexible storage solutions into home. They will help to save more floor space for your daily activities instead of occupied by items. The area of entryway is usually not so spacious. It is just the transition area from outdoor to indoor space. Though you still need to keep some items in that area to change to another suite fit for indoor. Shoes are chronic problem for that area.

For the whole families’ shoes, we keep most of them for change and wear for another day. So for the convenience of shoes storage and wearing, we combine the stool with the shelf made of bamboo. The space underneath the stool surface are storage shelves. They has been divided into different sizes compatible for most categories of shoes even for high heel or boots. The lower sitting surface is designed for your kid. We hope this design could help you to nurture kids’ self-care ability.



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