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A house is beautiful when people reside in it, thus converting it into a home. An Art & Design Services for Home is beautiful when the walls of the house become memories to be cherished forever.

Now the question pops up as to how can rigid, non-living walls be memories? Yes, people, it’s possible. Wondering how? Let me explain.

Can you eat bread without jam and rice without dal? Of course, no. Jam complements bread and dal complements rice.

In a similar way, beautifully painted and decorated walls complement a house. To augment the elegance of the walls, capture the fond memories with your loved ones and then transform these abstract remembrances to tangible elements, like paintings, wallpapers, wall prints, wall canvases and another such wall decor.

Whenever you are sitting in your living room or just idling away time in your personal room, even a glimpse of these hangings on walls would bring back those sweet memories in a flash. It is a lovely idea to pamper your mood too.

Now let’s jump to the main part of which wall decor you would prefer to put up in your walls. So let’s dive into the details of each kind of wall decor.

Custom art is the most expressive way to put forth memories in the form of paintings. It is underlined by various forms.

One such type is personalized canvas prints. It can be used to make a feature of plain walls in your home. It looks gorgeous when printed with a family photo or your cute pet’s photo.

It is made available in different sizes, to suit your space, no matter how big or small. Remember to choose contrasting colours to print a canvas for a contemporary look.

Custom Artwork & Hand Painted Logos or wallpaper is another type which is a perfect blend of your personality to your home decor. With this, you can develop wall murals, scenic wallpapers and other kinds of printed wallpapers.

Printed wallpapers are available in various options, such as standard, premium, brush textured and linen textured. Choose the one which suits you best in terms of quality.

Personalized photo wallpaper is hung in the same way as any other conventional wallpaper and adds flair to the room.

Wall prints foster life to tedious rooms by refreshing them. Personalized wall prints facilitate lively textures and styles to fit in all home decors.

They are apt for bedrooms, bringing an open-plan living and kitchen space together, or merely putting a splash of colour to neutral walls.

Wall prints can be designed out of these — photos, typography, paintings, sketches, and graphic designs. Wall printing on posters is one of the best ideas to render it that edgy look it needs.

All in all, personalized wall decor, ranging from tapestries to wallpapers, assists in realizing your interior design dreams. They are special tokens of love and warmth which you shared with your friends and family.

In Conclusion:

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