DIY : Arnold Budhram on Family Friendly Backyard Improvements

Looking to transform your backyard into a family friendly space? Arnold Budhram has you covered.

Making your backyard a family friendly space is a great way to increase your family’s time spent together, outdoors, and with friends. New York home improvement specialist Arnold Budhram has helped hundreds of families throughout New York improve their family backyards to better suit their needs and lifestyles. Here are a few of Budhram’s tips for easy backyard improvements the whole family will love!

Create a Gathering Space

Having a designated “gathering space” in your backyard gives a chance for kids and adults to relax from activities and enjoy each other’s company. It’s also a great way to make a welcoming space for other families you are hosting. A gathering space can include a long dinner table with chairs, outdoor sofa set, or benches, where you can comfortably host BBQ lunches and dinners, or late night drinks with friends. Arnold Budhram recommends upping your gathering space with decorative pillows, comfy chairs, scented candles, and blankets. Working with a small budget? Focus on the smaller details.

Sand Box
A sand box in a backyard is always a hit if you have young children. Not only does it encourage children to play outside more, it also is great for sparking their imagination. Find a space in your backyard that is off to the side and will not get in the way of other outdoor activities. Arnold Budhram says a sand pit doesn’t have to be giant to be fun.

Plant a Tree
The more nature you can have in your backyard, the better! Arnold Budhram encourages home owners to plant a tree or two, sooner rather than later. Trees can be great for providing more privacy by blocking the view of neighbors, creating a beautiful green space, and of course, improving air quality. If taken care of properly, trees will live a long time, making them a great investment. If you already have a large tree, or will live to see the tree grow very large, you can add a tree house. This is a great project for families to work together on, and can add some home value when you are looking to sell later on.

Fresh Food
For those of us who love the outdoors and eating healthy, planting a vegetable garden is a great backyard addition. This is another great family project, where you can build wooden garden boxes or set up rows of vegetables depending on the size of your backyard. Not only does this promote healthier eating and help to educate your family on gardening practices, it also adds more value to your home. “When house hunting in New York, many families look for some space to plant their own vegetables, even if it’s just a garden box”, says Arnold Budhram.

Make some time for family gardening!

Often families neglect their backyard as a space that is too costly to update, or too small to do much with. With this mindset, families are missing out on a great space for family gatherings and projects. New York home improvement specialist Arnold Budhram offers his tips for adding simple, quick improvements to your backyard that you can cherish for years to come.


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