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April Showers…

Since my love of flower gardening comes from my mother, it only seems fitting that on this day, Mother’s Day, I spent my time outside tending my flower beds. These beds haven’t seen much love in the past two springs since I was focusing on my architecture boards. Now that all those exams are behind me, I can focus on what brings me joy. Today it was weeding, planting, and enjoying the added color to my yard from the new blooms.

Before: It was time to replace the rotting edging that the previous owner installed. There were some large weeds removed prior to this picture. I’ll work on taming my excitement to get started and actually take the “before” picture next time.

Here I’ve started to loosely lay out the edging. Notice the stakes aren’t fully pounded in yet. Wait until you’ve laid out the whole length of the edging and adjust as needed before finishing the stake installation. I used Expert Gardener’s No Dig Landscaping Edging.

I decided to leave the existing landscaping fabric. It should last another year or two.

I changed the shape of the bed slightly, so I laid down newspaper to overlap the areas where the old landscaping fabric doesn’t reach. I’ve heard that this is a good alternative, so I’ll keep you updated on how it’s working. PS. Who actually has old newspapers lying around anymore?!My husband had to grab two from the stand outside the grocery store. PPS. Meet my dog Samson. He’s happy to be in or outside as long as he’s with his human(s).

Potting! My favorite part! These beauties came from Rural King. I was referred by a friend and it was my first time in there. Interesting place and great prices.

And after! The edging is complete and mulch is down. Flowers added. Complete! I used black colored mulch from Rural King.

Loving it! I look forward to up-keeping this area.


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