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This inspection processAPI Inspection Minneapolis is used to inspect storage tanks, piping and pressure vessels and pressure piping for initial and intermediate inspection. These processes are utilized to determine life expectancy.

Nondestructive (NDT) Level 2 servicesin:
o Ultrasonic testing both Shear and Thickness (UT) (AWS, ASME, Mil and other)
o Phased Array / TOFD
o Radiography, gamma IR 192, Cobalt 60 and X-ray cathode ray tube (RT), Digital (CR) and film
o Visual Inspection (VT)
o Magnetic Particle Inspection, Visible and Florescent Methods(MT)
o Liquid Dye Penetrant Testing, Visible and Florescent Methods(PT)

Full Geo Technical Engineering laboratory services including:
o Preliminary Environmental Site Assessments including drilling / Transaction Screens
o Pavement thickness Design and Highway / Runway Geotechnical designs
o Earth Dam Design, seepage Analysis and Feasibility investigations, expert witness testimony.
o Bridge Foundations Explorations, deep foundation design, retaining systems, excavation design.

API Inspection Minneapolis


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