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Retailers are considering Amazon as a threat for their business. Some others don’t. I think they both should see Amazon that way : like giving a bit of light in a dark tunnel of growth which is not clear at all — for everyone.

In Home Improvement, there is a usual statement that Amazon will never develop in this vertical: I disagree.

Amazon’s made a slew of acquisitions in the area of smart home services, and now it’s offering a product that brings them together under your roof. Amazon has quietly launched a portal offering home security services — which include all the equipment you would need and in-person visits from Amazon consultants to advise and install the kit. The packages are being sold in five price tiers, at a flat fee — no monthly service contracts, a significant disruption of how many home security services are sold today.

Not Home Depot (with the acquisition of Redbeacon), nor Lowe’s (even with 70 b8ta corners so far, nor their partnership with Porch or HelloTech) did succeed to develop anything else than a “Brick&Mortar” approach of DYI in Retail.

Amazon might, and probably will be able to reach the whole Home Improvement sector when they will feel ready with their B2B service and dedicated marketplace. They are learning fast, and remain the best company in the sector so far to take advantage of the biggest advantage in Retail: technology.

Digital transformation is a wrong goal, but apply technology where it supports growth is crucial.

This article was published in: Ze Skylight — Goal #2, a ZTP product


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