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Roy Marshall Tampa Contractor shares bump-outs, add-ons, and decking-up all in the name to add space to your home.

Its spring and its time to get things done. The kids will be out of school and will be spending more time at home, getting a little too close for comfort for the next 3 months until they go back.

One great way to increase the value and size of your home to give your family more elbow room is by adding a room, either interior or exterior. Set a budget and stick to it.

Here are 4 ways to add space to your house…

1. Roy Marshall Tampa Contractor: Open Patio

Grilling, sunbathing, or just lounging around, a patio adds ambiance to your outdoor area, as well as square footage if you make it accessible through the home.

Make sure your backyard has the space to build a quaint patio before you start work on it. One ideal way to do that is to have a Tampa contractor or landscape architect look at the size of the area and design something that will compliment your home’s style.

If you have cracked slabs of concrete, a very cost-effective way to make it look good with tearing it up, is by screwing down wood sleepers and decking over it.

Another great accent to make the open patio pop is to add a cover for some shade during hot summer months. Creative material for a patio covers includes corrugated steel, Perspex with UV resistance, timber roof rafters, and corrugated plastic.

2. Roy Marshall Tampa Contractor: Deck

Second-story Deck is another creative way not only to add sq feet your home but to maximize your outdoor living space. Building decks are more cost-effective than adding interior space because there are no unexpected issues that you’ll get in to like plumbing or electrical. All you’re doing is adding a simple structure to your home.

In fact, says by adding a deck you can increase the value of your home by 77%, depending on where you live…not too shabby. Roy Marshall Tampa Contractor says the most popular material to use for a second-story deck is wood, but because of external elements it will swell, warp, and even split. Therefore, every year or two you’ll need a deck restoration process to keep it in good condition.

Another material gaining popularity is composite. Although it’s made of wood particles, there’s little to no maintenance required because of the plastic in its composition. No maintenance also means higher price point upfront.

3. Roy Marshall Tampa Contractor: Dormers

Dormer additions raise the roof, adds height and width, and allows light and air through windows in an otherwise dark attic. Keep in mind, this addition is based on going through the roof and you know that will cost you, but if money is no object, you can select from a few different kinds of dormers depending on the shape of your roof. The two most popular are gable and shed dormers.

What’s the difference? Roy Marshall Tampa Contractor explains gable dormers look much like a doghouse and their roof is the highest in the middle while its sides slope. On the other hand, shed-roof dormers’ lowest points are located in the front and slopes upwards on the back.

4. Roy Marshall Tampa Contractor: Bump-out

Bumping-out your home means extending an already existing room that will pass beyond the existing side of the structure. Some say this is an expensive addition when compared to the ones above. Some say its cheaper than renovating an existing room.

Unfortunately, this process doesn’t give you a lot of extra space to play with (depending on the room, 3 ft wide to 12ft long). Some of the best rooms to maximize a bump-out are the kitchen, bathroom, closet, or a family room.

Remember, no matter which one of these ways to add new space to your home, make sure you plan it out every step of the way. Chose which part of the house, indoor or outdoor, material, style, and who will get all this done. For most items, you’ll need to hire someone who knows what they’re doing, such as a Tampa contractor or architect to make sure your vision translates not only in the finished product but in its craftsmanship. ~Roy Marshall Tampa Contractor


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