DIY : Add a class to your bathrooms with black & white tiles

Collection of bathroom tiles- AGL

If you want to make your bathrooms classy and luxurious, black and white bathroom tiles are best-suited for you! These two are universally most-favored colors for interior decoration. You may take décor inspiration from this article about black and white bathroom tiles.

Apart from being a necessity, bathrooms are also a luxury these days. People want their bathrooms to be neat, organized and posh. And for this, architects usually make combinations from the most-favored color pallet- black and white colors. You will find an enormous range of bathroom tiles designed in these two tones.

And the best part is that fixtures made of any metal go well with these tiles. Need décor inspiration? Take from here:

Make it expressive with black & white tiles

However it is totally your choice how you want to design your bathroom but with a few efforts, you can go creative. If you are already spending time and money for remodeling the bathroom, take some time to not make it monotonous! Think something innovative. Play with patterns. Pick some extraordinary patterned bathroom tiles and arrange them in a way that they look outstanding. Design your bathroom in such a way that they express art and class.

Make it a place for peace and relaxation

This is a tale of an all-white bathroom. Scared of stains? Don’t worry as AGL bathroom tiles are stain resistance. Pick some nicest wall and floor tiles from a huge variety to elevate your bathroom from boring to a masterpiece. Trust us; an all-white bathroom is one of the coolest trends running these days. If you really don’t want to go for all-white, you may also consider dull gray color. With it, black or white-color fixtures would look marvelous.

Make it a bold bathroom space

Want to make your bathroom a bold space? Then you should select some bold tile designs crafted in black or dark charcoal color. Pick some subtle prints of black tiles to give it a bold bathroom feel. Match these black floor tiles with stainless steel fixtures to add a pop of freshness and boldness. To add a nature’s element, try some small cactus plants in the corners.

Already in love with black and white bathrooms? Then start remodeling your own!


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