DIY : 5 ways you can break the monotony of plain wall tiles

Patterned wall tiles — AGL

Do you really love plain walls? No? Then why not give them a remodel? Concerned about the cost factor? Well, worry not! Patterned wall tiles are the easiest and quickest way to remodel your homes!

If you want to give your homes a quick remodel, we have got a magic wand for you! Well, not really! But yes, we have a magnificent range of patterned wall tiles that will give your homes an easy and smart makeover!

Here are 5 ways you can break the monotony of plain walls. Take a look!

1. Wall tiles with contemporary designs

Want to have a contemporary makeover for your homes? We, at AGL, have an excellent range of patterned wall tiles! Find from numerous options to give your homes a modern makeover. Once you select your favourite wall tiles, choose the most-suited floor tiles and 2–3 modern décor pieces to enhance the modernity of rooms.

2. Subtle wall tiles

As far as bedrooms are concerned, people would mostly choose the subtle décor. AGL also has a subtle yet classy range of wall tiles to maintain the refined essence of bedrooms. Hot tile shades for bedrooms are royal blue, sea green and grey. However, you can choose any depending on the entire interior of your home.

3. Nature-print tiles

Installing nature-print tiles is the easiest way to bring a touch of nature to your homes. How about installing such tiles in the entrance walkway or the balcony? This would not only look subtle but sophisticated and peaceful, overall. For nature’s touch, you may select wall prints such as flowers, leaves, wood, etc. and hues like beige and ivory.

4. Brick-look wall tiles

Since ages, bricks have been favoured by people. If you too want to incorporate that ancient charm to your homes, go for wall tiles with brick’s texture. AGL’s wood-look floor tiles are perfect to match these bricky walls. This idea also works for corporate spaces and offices.

5. Floral wall tiles

Is it really imaginable to have flower prints in homes? Yes, absolutely! It is the hottest summer tile trend. Make flower-print wall tiles lay in a diagonal manner to even uplift the aesthetic feel. AGL’s flower prints include pansies, roses, lilies and more.


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