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Does your family consist of elderly members and kids then it’s your responsibility to give them all the convenience they needed in the house. When talking about kids, they bring lots of happiness and responsibilities. As the kids grow, you wouldn’t know where are the chances of getting them injured. There would also be moments where you need to share things and rooms with them. On the other hand, you would also ensure that the ambiance of your home is not spoiled. One such occasion is when the kids grow old and are ready to share your bathroom. You will surely start looking for options to renovate your bathroom and also ensure that safety is not compromised. But, if you think that you need to make an adjustment with style for the sake of safety, then you should know about the tips described below. From the bathroom fittings to the color scheme, you have infinite choices matching your comfort and style.

Are the things at reach or out of reach?

When you have kids around, just make a list of things that should never be within their reach. Toothbrush, toothpaste, and soaps should be within their range. Bring in shelves that have layers. The things that should be easy for them to reach should be in the lower layer, and the rest in the upper part. Otherwise, they will be calling you every time they need to pick up things from the shelves. You can also bring in drawers that also double as a footstool. The stool can be removed when the kids grow older.

Double sink

If you get a double sink with 2 taps adjacent to each other, you can see that your kid and elderly members can use the bathroom conveniently. Whenever you accompany them things become easy. The kid will follow suit to get used to brushing and washing hands when you are doing the same in the double sink.

Separate storage options

Things can be more challenging in households with multiple children. You can create storage for each child separately. This should not be expensive always, and you can use jars or small buckets for toiletry. Also, bring in shelves and divide them for each child. If you see that your bathroom has no room for any accessories, you can try to get things sorted with whatever you have at home.

Durability and ease of cleaning

You should always choose materials that can last long because kids can mess up things, and do not mind breaking things that lie around. You should not select white or subtle colors. Who knows when your child is full of mud and paint? If you cannot pick up your finishes for various reasons, select materials that are durable because the cleaning should be easy for you.

Understand that kids grow up fast

When you are spending a lot on kids’ bathroom, you can see that they tend to grow up so quickly. They will never know your efforts, and when they grow up, will ask for new changes. So, do not invest a lot when you are getting your bathroom ready for kids.

No towel bars

No, this does not mean the towels should be lying on the floor. On the contrary, avoid using towel bars and use the hooks. They let the kids dry the towel on them with ease, and you don’t need to keep adjusting them.

Colorful bath mat

The bathroom mats that are colorful have fun elements in them. Kids love to spend time where it is very bright. You can get a couple of them and keep changing them. Spruce your bathroom with such simple and cost-effective solutions.

Bottom Line

When you are adding spice to your bathroom, you can also get shower taps that are colorful. You can even get water saving shower heads and faucets. They ensure that your little one and old members do not waste water and yet love the water pattern.


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