DIY : 5 Ways to Love Your Outdoor Space this Fall – Takl

Wondering what to to with your lawn, yard, patio, or garden this fall? Try these five small jobs and chores to make the most of your outdoors this autumn.

Tend to fall plants and flowers.

Who said it’s too late to show your garden some love? Get a head start on spring shrubs by planting buddleia davidii, escallonia, and hydrangeas. Want fall color right now? You can have a Provider plant potted trees, roses, climbers, and shrubs before the winter cold sets in.

Rake and haul away leaves.

Autumn leaves are one of the season’s true treasures, but left unchecked, they can spell serious trouble for your lawn/yard.

A thick layer of foliage can block water and nutrients your grass needs to thrive, and can also lead to snow mold and brown patch.

Prone to sniffles? All those decaying leaves aren’t doing your allergies any favors!

Have a Provider rake those leaves for you.

Enjoy the cooler weather.

Fall’s cooler weather offers the perfect chance to enjoy your outdoor space without the heat and humidity of summer. Find a Provider to pressure wash leaves, dust, and dirt off your deck or patio.

The days are getting shorter, but that’s no reason you and your guests can’t stay outside. A Provider can assemble patio furniture perfect for autumn outdoor entertaining, such as a firepit and surrounding seating. Need help arranging your existing outdoor furniture? You can Takl that too. Build Your Own Job or find Hourly Help to knock out multiple jobs with one appointment.

Clean the gutters.

A Provider can clean out your gutters to ensure those fall leaves don’t clog them up. Learn why gutter maintenance is so important and how to clean and repair your gutters.

Mow the lawn.

Lawn mowing season isn’t over just yet. Mowing can help to pick up fallen leaves and prolong the health of your grass. Shorter days leaving you short on time? No problem. Find a Provider on Takl to care for your lawn.

**Find a Provider on Takl for small jobs and chores.**


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