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Spring is here! Well… almost for the UK. We are experiencing a little malfunction, we had out 3 days of premature summer and the sky seems to be leaking constantly. Any hoo — it doesn’t change the fact that it is that time of the year for a good ol’ clean! For me, it is never just a ‘Spring clean’, it’s always ‘time to reinvent my interiors whilst cleaning’… but that’s a little longwinded to ever be catchy!
Recently, I have been browsing the great world of ‘internet interiors’ to get some inspiration for a Spring spruce for my home. There are so many apps and platforms that can help you either be your very own interior designer or request help from experienced professionals. So, I have curated a selection of a few online gems that will be sure to help you get your creative Spring juices flowing this year!

  1. Pinterest: Be your own interior designer.

I am an avid pinner, regularly saving beautiful rooms and designs that could come in handy for when my partner fiiiiinally agrees on a house extension. This free platform can help you create mood boards and really visualise your space. What is also great, is this platform can also teach you how create a flowing colour palette or which fabrics are best for certain items through helpful infographics created and pinned by other users as you can see below.

Photo Credit: Pinterest

2. Instagram: Instant inspiration.

Much like Pinterest, this platform offers beautiful aesthetics and a way for experienced interior designers to showcase their own work. Anything that catches my eye, I pop it into my saved folder by clicking the little flag-like icon in the corner. This is also a fantastic platform for professionals to create an online portfolio that attracts clients as well as fans!

3. Houzz: One stop shop.

Photo Credit: Houzz

This platform goes beyond the realms of interior design. There are a range of professionals from architects to landscape designers, who can help you with home design dilemmas from home staging to deciding whether you should install leaded windows or not. Not only does this platform connect professionals and homeowners, you are also able to purchase items whilst browsing through inspirational interiors. All these fun features make this a great destination for those looking for professional advice for free!

4. Facebook Groups: Tightknit communities.

Facebook groups are great places where fellow interior enthusiasts can share their own designs for feedback and any inspiration they have found online. This is a more conversational platform where everyone, mostly those with an interior design hobby, can give advice and share their thoughts on other interiors.

5. Homepolish: Connecting interior problems to solutions.

Photo Credit: Homepolish

Rated by Supermodel Karlie Kloss, this was the first interior upstart which enabled homeowners to connect with experienced designers at affordable prices. The way this remote service works is through pictures, measurements and any preferences you tell the designer. To ensure the designer understands your vision, a quiz is provided where you have to choose different products you like which is help the professional determine your taste. I haven’t tried this one personally, however it is a revolutionary idea that I would love to experience!

From once being an expensive luxury to now an affordable and widely available service, anyone and everyone can get involved now. I just love accessible interior design has become!


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