DIY : 5 Ways to Incorporate Quartzite For Bathroom Remodeling

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A classic and yet trendy bathroom is a joy to refresh and recharge ourselves in. Incorporating natural stone slabs like quartzite during bathroom remodeling can bring about a marvelous makeover of the area. This natural stone lends a modern and clean look to the bathroom. Undoubtedly, quartzite is gaining popularity and is finding use in modern interior design projects. There are endless ways of using quartzite stone slabs in bathroom remodeling to enhance the interiors.

The Origin of Quartzite

Quartzite is formed by gradual transformation when the sandstone under excessive heating and pressurization. This natural stone is known for its unique beauty and strength. Quartzite slabs and tiles come in a wide range of colors, such as soft white, warm gray, neutral tan, and green and blue with a tinge of rust and gold. The bold veining of quartzite creates a dramatic look when applied in creating showers, tubs, bathroom countertops, floors.

Why Use Quartzite in Bathroom Remodeling?

Quartzite is a natural stone that reflects sophistication and can be employed to redecorate and remodel your shower area. Here are a few advantages of using quartzite stone slabs for bathroom remodeling.

  • Quartzite is Extremely Hard and Durable in Nature — Quartzite is perfect for bathroom interiors for its high durability. Due to its durable nature, it won’t wear down quickly and form cracks and peels under the constant onslaught of water.
  • Quartzite is Heat Resistant — This metamorphic rock can resist heat which makes it an obvious choice for bathroom remodeling. Now, you do not have to think twice before taking a steaming hot shower in winter or increase the temperature of the bathroom to keep the chill away.
  • Quartzite Needs Minimum Maintenance — Apart from yearly sealing, cleaning quartzite is a simple task. The surface will look remarkable by cleaning it with soap and water only. However, you must clean up spills quickly to avoid stains.
  • Quartzite is Cost-Effective — Compared to marble, quartzite is that expensive, making it affordable for a homeowner with a limited budget for bathroom remodeling.

5 Ways To Use Quartzite in Bathroom Remodeling

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Considering the multifarious benefits of quartzite, you can use quartzite liberally during bathroom remodeling. Here are five different ways in which you can use of quartzite to transform your bathroom.

1. Quartzite Countertops

Making use of quartzite for building bathroom countertops can enhance the overall look of the bathroom. As this material requires minimal maintenance, it is perfect to be used as bathroom countertops. Moreover, no two quartzite slab is alike, enabling the homeowner to make a one-of-a-kind bathroom countertop. A yearly sealing is sufficient to protect the stone slab from cracking and peeling for years.

2. Quartzite Flooring

Quartzite comes in a wide range of colors and makes a visually enhancing site when used in building bathroom floors. This natural metamorphic stone is found in unique designs, patterns, colors, and shapes that lend a classic and glamorous look to the bathroom floor.

3. Quartzite Bath Tiles

The bath tiles of your shower can be upgraded to quartzite tiles, which will add sophistication to your bathing area. Apart from that, it will give a striking and distinct look to your shower. Due to a minimal need of maintenance, these quartzite bath tiles do not require much cleaning to avoid buildup. Periodical moping and cleaning with natural stone specific cleaners will give your bath walls and surrounding areas a spotless and immaculate appearance.

4. Accent Wall

An accent wall signifies a wall with a distinctive design from other walls in a room. If quartzite is incorporated in making the accent wall of your washroom, then it will greatly enhance the visual aspect of the area. Ensure to make a perfect match of the accent color with the other bathroom walls. For example, light stone accent against a deep wall will make your bathing area a beautiful place of refreshment.

5. Bathtub Borders

Quartzite tiles can be used to border bathtubs lending a unique look to this essential bathroom accessory. Another great idea is to match quartzite bathroom tiles and use the same stone slab to border the bathroom tub. This will truly give an artistic touch to your bathing area and can be a good design option for your bathroom remodeling.


Quartzite is a versatile natural stone slab which can be applied effortlessly during bathroom remodeling. With its various patterns and colors, it is sure to elevate the elegance and look of your shower area.


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