DIY : 5 Tips To Get Organized If You Live In A Small House

It can be challenging to live in a small space. You may find it difficult to organize the place as there is never enough room to store your things or to decorate properly. But there are always creative ways to make the best use of the available space. If you keep on thinking out of the box, you will be able to create a beautiful, organized and neat house.

Here are some tips that will help in keeping a small house organized.

Use Stairs Area

Necessity always gives way for experimentation and creativity. When you have limited space, you will find it impossible to keep everything organized, but instead of creating a mess you should look for areas that are not getting used. One of the best places you can use for storage is the stair area. It will solve the dilemma, and you will be able to use the space which is always there but not used. You can use the space as office space, or you can build cupboards and store cloths and other stuff there.

Install Open Shelves & Closed Cabinets

The areas which serve as a walkway between rooms are excellent for storage. You can install open shelves for keeping books and other decorative items and then add closed cabinets for other storage purposes. Match the colors of shelves and cabinets with the wall color, and you will also be able to create an excellent visual.

Under The Bed Storage

You are finding it hard to find enough place for shelves and cabinets in your bedroom, don’t worry. All you need to do is to look under the bed. You can make your bed look pretty with valanced sheets, beautiful duvets, and pillow protectors then use the space underneath it for storing your things. There is a new bed design which comes with sliding drawers. You can use these drawers to keep your off-season clothes.

Using High Storage Spaces

It works excellently, especially when it comes to small kitchens. Small houses don’t have a large kitchen, so you have to be smart about the space that you have. The best way of maximizing space in the small kitchen is to utilize the high areas as well. You can buy out small kitchen appliances and other small accessories on top of the cabinets and refrigerators.

Keep Cleaning-Supplies Organized

If the lower cabinets of the kitchen are too small to hold large bottles of cleaning supplies, then the best way of storing them is to keep them large plastic cleaning cases. You can keep things such as sponges, brushes and other small items in a tote. You can maintain the products in rooms where they are most needed. It saves storage space and time as well.

Organizing a small space doesn’t always has to be an expensive or impossible task. You can make your home look neat and tidy by using the items that are already available to you. All you need to do is to think out of a box.


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