DIY : 5 Tips for Restoring Homes – Andreas Anusavice Rhode Island – Medium

Ensure that the inspector is well qualified and certified to undertake this task. The inspector will look at various aspects.

Some of the basic aspects include mechanical systems such as heating, plumbing, and electricity, structural support, potential problems with the roof and water damage and possible mold growth in the basement.

Tip 2: Prioritize Renovations

As you get started with restoring your old house, it is likely tempting, to begin with, the fun stuff such as kitchen cabinets, paint colors and other stuff. However, in reality, such items should come in secondarily to less fun-tasks such as repairing roofs and windows.

Andreas Anusavice — make sure to fix anything that causes future damage to the house.

According to Andreas Anusavice, begin with taking care of anything that can cause future damage to the house. For instance, a leaky roof can result in serious consequences compared to a scratched wood floor.

Tip 3: Consider the Resale Value

Regardless of whether you are planning to sell your house in the near future, it is a good idea to think about the home’s resale value. You certainly don’t want to spend tons of money that you’ll never see some returns.


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