DIY : 5 Things you need to know about Microfiber Beach Towels

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  1. Lightweight and easy to pack

Microfibre towels are low bulk. There compact design means you who are always struggling for room in your luggage that they fold or roll into practically nothing, perfect for those of. These lightweight beach towels weigh a fraction of a towel that is normal. Then microfibre is ideal for you, weighing in 6x times lighter than your conventional towel this pick will never tip the scales if you’re always on the go with your travels. The towels often come in a mesh bag which are designed for perfect portability, easy storage and keeping things tidy.

2. Extra absorbent and fast drying

These magical clothes will absorb every drop that is last your skin. The material that is microfibre extra absorbent and will absorb up to 4 times its own weight. Not only does it dry you in the most efficient manner it is also itself one of the fastest drying fabrics, releasing moisture 4 times faster than a towel that is typical. Its ability to dry you off and dry itself faster than any other towel means on the go that it is great for those of you.

3. Multifunctional

When talking about microfibre towels the majority often assume that the towels are only used for backpackers, hikers and adventures that are intrepid. This isn’t necessarily the case as the convenience and ease of these towels means that they are ideal for the sporty types who are on the everyday that is go. Heading to the gym before work? Well, you don’t have to worry about a towel that is soggy in your bag all day. Partake in swimming competitions? Great! You won’t have to worry about dripping dry on the relative side of the pool. These towels are the epitome of convenience for just about everyone.

4. Sand free

Here’s an interesting one. One I’m sure that many of you shall read and think ‘halleluiah’. Sand does not stick to microfibre, even when wet. So, after a dip in the sea you shall no longer come back to a towel sprinkled in sand. You won’t lie back after applying sun cream and get a sandy coating. All in all, great news, you can leave the sand at the beach with microfibre towels.

5. Squeaky clean

Simply scuba tells us that microfibre has an treatment that is‘anti-bacterial prevent any bacteria from developing on the towel’. This aspect that is useful also help prevent any odour. Easy to clean, machine washable, bacteria and odour free, this pretty much confirms that these towels really are hassle free.


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