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The weeks (and sometimes months) before moving into your new home can be stressful. Home inspections, finances, packing up all of your belongings, and then signing a million documents under a tight deadline might have you feeling wiped out. The good news is that’s all behind you, and now you get to settle into your new home!

Here’s a checklist of simple things you should take care of when you first move into your new house. You’ll be able to find and contact the right service providers, who are accountable for providing excellent customer service, on Zaarly!

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Use Your Home Inspection as a Guide

Your home inspector should give you a comprehensive report indicating the condition of all the major systems and structural parts of your home. Now is the time to figure out which of those items should be addressed sooner rather than later.

Have Your Locks Changed

Protecting your new home starts with having your locks changed ASAP. When a home is being sold, a lot of people have access to the keys. Having your locks changed and getting new keys should be something you do as close to day 1 as possible.

Have Your Gutters Cleaned

Leaves and debris can clog up your gutters and cause major damage if not dealt with.


Now that you’ve been in your home a couple of weeks, it’s a great time to pick paint colors and hire professional painters who will be sure to do an excellent job the first time and not leave one drop of paint on your furniture!

Organize and Clean

The best time to enlist the help of an organizer is in your first month in your new home! This gives you just enough time to get a feel for your space and where you want things. Now is also a great time to find a dependable and trustworthy house cleaning service to help you maintain your new home!

Zaarly is a place to hire home service providers who are proud to be held accountable for their work. Get started today!


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