DIY : 5 Easy Plumbing Repairs That Don’t Require a Plumber

Plumbing repair

Calling a plumber for a rather easy plumbing repair that doesn’t require the presence of the plumber is a reoccurring scenario that gets the individual or caller surprised or irked after a fast repair by the plumber who had got more serious cases is a thing that could be brought to halt.

However, in most circumstances getting in to the construction industry as a contractor or plumber does not need a very specialized expertise, tools, skills and an ample experience to handle some plumbing needs like a busted pipe, an overflowing sink. Being handy will come in to salvage a minor plumbing situation instead, of using a real plumber.

There are some easy plumbing repairs that do not necessarily require the frequent and frequent call of the plumber.

1. Fixing or replacing a new shower head

This is about the easiest plumbing job that can be done by replacing a new fitting shower head by just screwing out the old shower head and screwing in the new one to the shower arm.

However when the old shower head is removed the thread is cleaned from the shower arm and the Teflon tape is wrapped around it before the new shower head is fixed up.

It’s that simple but instructions on the new fitting shower head must be followed.

Sometimes the shower might be blocked out by little dirt and simply needs unscrewing and rinsing that’s all, the shower is back.

2. Slow draining sink

A slow draining sink comes in handy as one of the foremost plumbing repairs that could easily be done without the help of the plumber anytime by anyone at home.

Simply put, the major cause of a slow draining sink is caused by debris and hairs collected over a period of time by the stop up in the sink. To get the sink flowing smoothly again a simple plumbing tool is used called zip-it to clean out the rubbish from the drain preventing the smooth flow. Also it could also be done by just removing the pop up and properly cleaning it.

The pop up could be cleaned and drained by using a plier to unscrew or using the mere hands since they are held up by nuts and screws. After the screws holding the pop up is removed the drain is easily cleaned and reinstalled thereafter.

3. Fixing a running toilet

This is a common problem experienced in most homes that could be easily repaired by you.

The running toilet is fixed by identifying the main problem because the running toilet is caused by a number of different things, yet easily fixed. Once the working part of the toilet behind the issue is identified, the part is either simply replaced or repaired to stop the running water in the toilet.

The tank for the toilet is built so there will be no need for a regular bucket.

· While storing water the tank contains a filler valve that controls inflow of water into tank that could lead to a running water out of the tank if the overflow tube doesn’t work right and could be replaced,

· A leaky flush valve that releases water directly to the bowl that isn’t closing properly allowing water to flow down the bowl without being flushed could be replaced or repaired

· The toilet flapper is a kind of flap valve that is connected to a chain been hanged down from the flush handle might be faulty and easily replaced.


4. Clearing a Blocked bath tub

Sighting a still water in the bathtub is very irritating and really doesn’t require you called the plumber. There is no fun in draining a clogged bath tub because this is where a lot more hairs and junk goes through.

The first thing to unclogging the bathtub properly, is removing the drain plate that has a little lever that is used to open the pop drain utilizing little efforts. After removing the drain plate, there is a direct access to the drain pipe where a drain snake is inserted down the drain pipe to unclog the drain pipe.

Another method is using the baking soda and white vinegar method by pouring one half cup of baking soda and same quantity for the vinegar, plug in drain snake allowing the mixture to bubble for thirty minutes after which hot water is poured down to clear the clogged drain pipe.

5. That leaky kitchen and toilet faucet

In this plumbing situation the faucet can be repaired depending on the given type. Being aware of the basic types of faucet will largely assist in the separating apart and fixing of the leaky faucet in almost an hour even if looks daunting.

Being determined here is a virtue because the tools you will be using to repairing the faucet depends on the type of faucet like a set of Allen wrenches to remove handles and treat leaking issues

To begin the repair of the faucet a close observation is done to detect where the water is coming from. If the leaks come from the base of the faucet it’s a different repair all together than a drip from the end of the spout.

As the faucet is taken apart close attention is taken on where each part is followed and arranged. Afterwards, soak these parts into vinegar to loose mineral deposits.

The old parts of the faucets could be taken to the plumbing shop to easily get new replacements.


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