DIY : 5 Common Issues That Can Ruin the Aesthetics of Your House

There are times when a perfectly good home, for lack of better words, just does not look that great. We’re sure some of you are familiar with the experience of moving into a place and being absolutely dazzled by the interior and aesthetics. Over a period of time however, say a year or two, you might not feel the same way.

Many people mistake this for being sick of the location or general architecture of the home. Though on occasion this might be the case, for the most part, this happens because we tend to let go a little. We don’t put as much work into our homes as we should and end up with dwellings that even we ourselves find unappealing!

5 Common Issues That Can Ruin Your Home Aesthetic

There are a number of things that might at first go unnoticed but over a period of time ruin the aesthetic of your home. Here are five of the big ones.


The first issue that is simple to address but for some reason goes unnoticed till it is too late is that of clutter! A cluttered home simply put is one with too much stuff in it. Furthermore, the stuff isn’t placed well which ends up making most spaces look crowded and untidy!

Because the accumulation of clutter is a gradual process, people don’t notice what a problem it is until it is literally in their faces. Spring cleaning, selling old furniture before buying more and being smart about spatial use within the home are all effective ways of reducing clutter. Room additions are also a good way to address clutter if you have the space and can afford one!

Chipping Paint, Wrinkled Wallpaper

Another issue that tends to creep up on us has much to do with the walls. Specifically speaking, chipping and cracking paint or wrinkled and soggy wallpaper. Though for the most part this occurs due to water seepage in the walls and ceiling, it can also occur due to regular wear over a period of time.

A brilliant way to avoid this is to have annual plaster and paint jobs. Take care of the little fixes before they become big problems!

Damaged Shelves and Cabinets

We are certain many of you reading this article can relate to the unease and anxiety felt when you have a cabinet in the house that does not shut properly. No matter how much you clean up and make the place look tidy, that one jammed cabinet door or scratched and dented wood face can really do a number on your overall room aesthetic.

Apart from being an eyesore, broken and loose cabinets, shelves and doors can cause injury. It always makes sense to keep the shelves and cabinets well maintained. If you can’t do it yourself, call for handyman services!

Trends That Did Not Stick

If you look at homes through the decades you might notice certain features of the layout that though once popular did not really carry forward. This could be by way of doorways and arches, choice of design and fixtures in kitchens or bathrooms and so on.

If this is the case with you, it does make sense to maybe take stock of those home funds and put a little in the way of a room remodeling! You’d be surprised how much difference a single room remodeling could make to the overall aesthetic of your home!

The Ground beneath your Feet

Mismatched flooring, tiling or carpeting does well to ruin the look of any home. Again this one might be a bit of a bigger fix but it’s not impossible. The right kind of flooring can complement your furniture, make spaces look cozier or larger (depending on what you’re after) and generally up your home aesthetic a few dozen notches! The wrong floors would do the opposite!


The three things we mentioned above are but some of the things that could ruin the overall look of your home and spaces within. Luckily for everyone, none of these things are unmanageable or unfixable. It is just a matter of getting down to it! If you’re looking for someone who can help you with a lot of the stuff mentioned above including cabinet work, remodeling and handyman services, you have some viable options!

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