DIY : 4 Things to Consider in Choosing a Perfect Chandelier

Driftwood Chandelier

The proper chandelier produces a dramatic statement, but it is critical to choose one that aesthetically fits the size and style and existing decor of a room.

Here’s choosing a perfect chandelier for any room

1. Size

In terms of choosing a driftwood chandelier, how big a room is crucial.

When the room is small, a too-large chandelier will overpower the decor, and may also present an overabundance of light.

In the event the room is large as well as the chandelier is way too small, it’s going to look woefully inadequate, and may not supply sufficient light for space.

Calculate the diameter of the room with the help of the width and length together.

Convert the effect into inches or centimeters, and you will have a proper measurement for your chandelier.

That way to get a room that’s 10 feet (3 meters) long by 10 feet (3 meters) wide, it is possible to safely choose a chandelier that’s around 20 inches, or 50 cm, across.

The exception is a dining room chandelier that will measure roughly half the width of your respective dining room table.

2. Height

Another significant factor may be the height of the ceiling.

Decorators agree that after measuring the length from the ceiling towards the floor, you’ll be able to allow approximately three inches of chandelier per foot.

Quite simply, a place using a 10-foot ceiling can readily accommodate a driftwood chandelier that’s 30 inches long (76 cm).

How high in case you hang a driftwood chandelier from the dining-room?

It is possible to eyeball it, but you will need to ensure that it isn’t really so low that it’s going to overwhelm your table — plus your guests. For best results, leave about 30 inches (76 cm) through the lowest area of the chandelier to your dining room table, based on many lighting retailers.

3. When more is a bit more

For smaller rooms and narrow corridors, consider installing several small-scale chandeliers as opposed to a single large fixture.

This too works best for irregularly-shaped rooms or rooms which are rectangular or oblong healthy.

Kitchens and dens can especially reap the benefits of this scheme, as several chandeliers provide more-efficient task lighting for work areas.

4. Find the proper match

That driftwood chandelier may look stunning in the showroom however it’s conceivable that it will watch unfortunately strange inside your modern chrome-filled family area.

Make an effort to match the design and style of your existing decor, or perhaps your chandelier could have the appearance of an attractive gemstone in a mismatched setting.

Fortunately, chandeliers are available in a multitude of styles to fit just about any style of room decor, from Victorian and Art Deco to French Provincial, Mediterranean and contemporary.

A worthwhile investment

A good looking chandelier is often a fabulous investment for a home because it can modify any room into a true showplace.

With a bit of planning and measuring, there’s no doubt you’ll look for a chandelier that only suits your living area but one that you can really like at the same time.


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