DIY : 4 Safety Precautions When Inspecting Your Home’s Electrical System

What important safety precautions should you follow when inspecting your home’s electrical system?

  1. Disconnect from the power source
  2. Use the proper gear and tools
  3. Remove every drop of water
  4. Mark and report all defective equipment

Incidents, casualties, and billions worth of damage have stemmed from defective and poorly maintained electrical systems, which is why it is imperative that you conduct a regular inspection of your home’s electrical system. Usually, these inspections are done by someone from a trusted and reliable electrical supplier in Metro Manila but you can get by with doing it yourself every so often.

Professionals recommend that you have your electrical system inspected twice a year (or once every six months) but the number may increase depending on the condition of your house. An older one may require more inspections and, although necessary, it can get a little pricey. As a solution, try to do some of the inspections yourself — say, you do one or two out of the required number of times.

Naturally, there is danger in doing them yourself but you can easily sidestep them. The only thing you have to do is take note of the necessary safety precautions and follow them every time you’re doing an inspection.

4 Safety Precautions When Inspecting Your Home’s Electrical System | Meiji Electric


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