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Every bookworm needs a good reading nook to cozy up in. Consider it a personal escape pod from the world. Good thing there’s a reading nook design idea for every budget and every type of space! Here are four reading nook ideas every bookworm should try.

Nook under the stairs:

Photo and design credit: John Maniscalco Architecture

Had Harry Potter’s cupboard under the stairs been as beautiful a space as this nook by John Maniscalco Architecture (and if we hauled away the Dursleys), 4 Privet Drive might have been a nicer place to live.

Empty space = reading spot:

Photo credit: Hayneedle
Photo credit: Hayneedle

Have unused closet space, a hallway, bay window, or dusty corner? You can make a reading nook. Check out Hayneedle’s assembly-required chairs and some-assembly-required indoor benches. They have a lot to choose from, so you can find seating that fits your space, style, and budget. Need help putting it together or moving it on-site? Easy. Just find a Provider on Takl.

An escape for any outdoor space:

Photo credit: Tractor Supply Company

Tractor Supply Co. has outdoor furniture for a variety of outdoor spaces. Bistro sets are perfect for reading and dining on small patios. An outdoor recliner can bring luxury to porches and decks big or small. Add benches and patio sets for more ways to enjoy your favorite book.

Outdoor oasis gazebo:

Photo credit: Tractor Supply Company

Want to really upgrade your outdoor reading space? The Crosley Hampton Outdoor Collapsible Gazebo from Tractor Supply Co. shows how you can create an affordable, gorgeous retreat to enjoy rain or shine. Place patio furniture beneath the gazebo and add outdoor lighting to enjoy reading into the night. A Provider can assemble your pieces, move existing outdoor furniture, install an outdoor chandelier, pressure wash your deck or patio to get it looking like new, or help you with landscaping, gardening, mowing, and other outdoor chores.

Ready to get to work on that reading nook? Enjoy DIY custom results with less time and effort. Find a Provider on Takl to help create your new favorite reading space.


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